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Picture of the Day: Google driverless car

I like the New Scientist description of the Google driverless car design, unveiled yesterday – “a bit like a Fiat 500 crossed with an oversized Microsoft mouse…

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MIT student races self-built Mario-Kart

A bit of fun for a Friday afternoon… Ever found time passing heavy at work? Fancy spicing things up a gear? Maybe, racing round the corridors on your castor-based chairs? (No chance the boss will see you, he’s away on a golfing trip…)

Well, it seems one MIT…

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Cruising: Gadget Masters for your car

Since Gadget Master’s birth in the summer of 2007, we have featured many clever and original designs that make any automobile connoisseur’s life just that little bit easier. Here are the best Gadget Masters for your car that we have hosted on these pages…

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