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The Beagleboard XM competition

Yes, it’s time already for another competition! The theme we are taking for this one is the BeagleBoard system. So, taking the cue, let’s have a BeagleBoard related prize! The ARM Cortex-A8-based BeagleBoard XM, to be precise, which promises “laptop-like performance and expandability, while keeping…

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Which is your favourite Beagle Board design?

TI is running an Open Source Design Challenge for its Beagle Board development system. Why not cast your vote for your favourite design?

The intro to the vote says:
Over the last several weeks, students from the University of Texas at Austin have stepped up to the challenge of finding…

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Video: BeagleBoard-XM drives video wall

R4 Room had to be found on the Gadget Master blog for this one, a quick video we filmed at Hall A3 (Displays) at Electronica. We know about the power of the mighty BeagleBoard – see Watch out, there’s a new BeagleBoard about and A DIY Android…

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Build your own Linux tablet with OLED touch display

I love the name ‘Antipasto Hardware blogger’, and the blogger in question supplies details of a very neat project: building your own Linux tablet that has a 4.3″ OLED touch display, Wi-Fi and 4GB of flash memory.

Okay it might not be the best looker, but we’ll…

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