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DevBoard Watch: Intel’s SD Card-based x86 development board

One for Gadget Masters to note, perhaps. Intel has announced an x86 embedded processing development board in an SD Card, writes Steve Bush.

Called Edison, the “board features a low-power 22nm 400MHz Intel Quark processor with two cores, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It can be designed to work…

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Poll: Which development board are you using?

Let’s run a quick devkit popularity poll. It’s an obvious question to ask on Gadget Master – which, if any, development board are you using?

We’ve written about an Arduino add-on today – see the Pixy vision sensor add-on – but of course there are also all the…

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Watch out, there’s a new BeagleBoard about

It’s not all about the (Atmel AVR-based) Arduino here on Gadget Master, check out the latest (TI OMAP3530-based) BeagleBoard offering, the xM. Available from Digi-Key for $179, the devkit is equipped with 512MB of memory and an ARM Cortex-A8 based processor to run open source…

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