Tech news tagged ‘electronic music’

A hymn to the hum – serving up music from the cloud

They were drawn towards the Hum
Plenty more where they come from.
[The Hum, Killing Joke]

Apparently each data centre has its own “unique pitch” when it comes to the processing of data, and this has attracted the attention of a musician. He has turned information crunching into electronic music…

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Theremin music to our ears

Today’s blog is dedicated to that rare and sometimes misunderstood creature that is the theremin. For those of you that don’t know, the theremin is one of the earliest fully electronic musical instruments, created by Russian Gadget Master and physicist Lev Sergeivich Termin (also known as the very…

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Build your own Interactive Multitouch Display

Now, we would hate for you to think that we are easily impressed. But we are. If you haven’t got the £5,000 to buy your very own Microsoft Surface, just follow the lead of ‘Turkey Tek’ and build your own. Thanks to the Instructables tome of knowledge, Gadget…

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