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Gadget in extremis: LEAF, the killer European sound system

Wow. How about this? Thanks to Engadget for highlighting something custom made for our Gadget-in-extremis category.

It’s a sound system so powerful it would kill you to hear it in full force! It’s at the European Space Agency and is the Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF…

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Gadget Book: BeagleBone Robotic Projects

Anything to do with BeagleBone catches my interest, so I’m happy to flag this one – a new book that may be of interest to Gadget Masters:  BeagleBone Robotic Projects, written by Richard Grimmett.

The publishers write:
BeagleBone Robotic Projects provides step-by-step instructions to allow anyone to use…

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Nymi biometric wristband authenticates your identity

The latest iPhone features a biometric Home button, to help the device quickly authorise your access, but of course it is not the first gadget to go down this route.

New Scientist has highlighted another device that uses biometric information to save you remembering multiple passwords and the like. But…

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Pi powers mini Macintosh Computer

The power of the Raspberry Pi continues to be demonstrated. Here’s another excellent example – Gadget Master John Badger has built what is described as the world’s smallest functional Macintosh Computer.

Dubbed Mini Mac – a 1/3 scale Macintosh – it is a fully-functional device, reports Techeblog, with a…

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Most read Gadget Master posts in August

August, die she must…

As autumn fast approaches, chilly and cold, let us pause but a while to consider the last flickering clicks, and distant echoes of links, of the summer that has gone in the province of Gadget Master.

Or, to put it another more prosaic way, which posts…

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The first fabric screen-printed watch display?

One for our new Student Gadget Meisters section. Is this the world’s-first smart fabric screen-printed electroluminescent watch display? The gadget master in question is Marc de Vos, a third-year student in Electronics and Computer Science, who has developed the fabric device for his Part III Individual…

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Poll: Which development board are you using?

Let’s run a quick devkit popularity poll. It’s an obvious question to ask on Gadget Master – which, if any, development board are you using?

We’ve written about an Arduino add-on today – see the Pixy vision sensor add-on – but of course there are also all the…

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Check out the new Build Your Own section

Just to flag there is new part to the Gadget Master blog. Check out the new Build Your Own section. It’s a round-up of the many and varied posts that help you on the road to building your own electronics gadgets…

I thought it would be nice to…

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Working Star Trek Tricorder seeks crowdfunding

What is it about the Tricordeer that has inveigled its way so well into the public consciousness? We’ve covered the “Star Trek device” a couple of times before on Gadget Master (see Design a Tricorder, win $10 million and Star Trek gizmos, The Collection), but here it comes again…

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