Tech news tagged ‘hackers’

Google Glass, in disassembled glory

If you had a pair of Google Goggles, would you rather wear them or take them to pieces? Well, I’d be quite happy with the latter and Sparkfun Electronics have done a dandy detailed job of disassembling the Google Glass augmented reality device.

You can see closeups of the…

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Sugru supports Raspberry Pi camera case

Thanks to Sue P. for highlighting this one. It’s an unpretentious little home-made gadget featuring Sugru, a product that I remember highlighting years ago. (Think self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand. Potentially a useful weapon in the Gadget Master’s armoury. See Sugru is putty…

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Sugru is putty in the hands of hackers

“Hack things better” is the slogan for sugru, which may make it worthwhile for the attention of Gadget Masters. Sugru describes its eponymous product as a new form of silicone, a self-adhesive silicone putty that cures in the air.

The aim is to help you make repairs or improvements…

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