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Gadget Watch: Apple iPhone 5S

Why are we showing a close up of a button? Because, of course, it is the new styled Home button, on the iPhone 5S unveiled last night at the company’s Cupertino HQ. A biometric button, no less. Apple writes:
And now we’ve taken touch to the next logical…

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Wifino promises ‘Arduino anywhere’

We wrote recently – in Got Arduino, want wireless? – about the development of RADius V1.0, a shield that adds bi-directional wireless serial data capability to Arduino. Well, a Gadget Master reader, Tod Daniels has written to let us know of another system – Wifino.

This is an “Arduino-compatible microcontroller…

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Super power iPad stand

How about this one? Feel your iPad or iPhone lacks a decent stand? Well why not make a robotic stand that will bring the glowing rectangle to the right level of attention and even move towards you? Thanks to Gizmodo for this one. This innovative inventor has also introduced a…

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Beagleboard takes Martin closer to Machine

On his blog Becoming Cyborg, inventor Martin Magnusson has revealed his own wearable computer.

Much Velcro means he can reconfigure it – inside a CD carry case, or spread out on a shoulder belt – which is not pretty, but damn fine for a prototype.

Who is Magnusson?

“I’m a researcher…

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iPhone app reads your PicoScope

Testing is a crucial part of the development cycle, as any gadget master will have suffered, and here’s a cool iPhone app to help the process, when you find yourself turning to use a PicoScope…

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Robot plays Rock Band on an iPhone

Here’s one to brighten up a Monday morning – it is described as an Arduino-based robot that plays Rock Band on an iPhone, its little arms hitting the drums on the display in time to the music (Blondie’s Hanging On Telephone, in this case).

I think ‘robot’ may…

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Greenpeace no fan of iPhone

The jolly green giant Greenpeace has slammed Apple, stating that the electronics giant has manufactured the iPhone with harmful substances. In an “independent” scientific analysis commissioned by Greenpeace, half of 18 components tested were found to contain brominated compounds. Do you have any idea what bromine is? Neither do we…

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iPhone to reach UK in November

One of the most hyped products in recent years, the Apple iPhone, is set to reach British shores in November. This week Apple head honcho Steve Jobs confirmed UK customers will be able to get their hands on the device that contains everything but the kitchen sink. Speaking to the…

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What not to do with your iPhone

Once in a while we view a video that literally takes our breath away, that makes us stand up and take notice and that we are truly convinced will change the world we live in forever. This video is not one of them. Some mad scientist thought it would be…

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