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Picture of the Day: LG Optimus G2 buttons backwards

An event in New York last night saw the launch of the LG Optimus G2, complete with big full HD screen display (400 ppi resolution). Worthy of the “pic of the day” slot, I feel.

There are lots of features that LG are highlighting, but if truth be told it…

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Gadget Watch: Chromecast thumb-drive delivers mobile content to the TV

Overshadowed by the announcement of Android 4.3 and a new Asus Nexus tablet, the thumb-drive-sized Chromecast was also unveiled in San Francisco by Google.

This is a HDMI dongle for transmitting web video and other digital content to TVs. For example? Sharing photos on a big screen…

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Gadgets in space!

In the future, when mankind is busy exploiting space [exploring, surely? – Ed], it could well be a requirement to produce parts and tools on demand.

How would this be done? NASA, and Made in Space of California, think they already have an answer. The pair are working together to launch…

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