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Jaunty Fascinator is a moving head show

I happen to know what a fascinator is. It doesn’t make me any less of a man, okay? It does, however, let me appreciate the craft of Gadget Master Barbara Eldredge, fitting the neat LED display within the constraints of being delightful and light and airy…

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Source that key component!

I think this is one for Gadget Masters, for sourcing components used in your latest project. Check out our site’s new “Electronic Component Comparison” functionality…

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DevBoard Watch: CY3267 LED Lighting Evaluation Kit

LEDs are a staple of Gadget Master – see, our LED tag for example – and so this one caught my eye.

Cypress Semiconductor is highlighting its CY3267 PowerPSoC LED Lighting Evaluation Kit. Basically it is an “out-of-box evaluation experience” of using the company’s PowerPSoC Main Board, an RGBA…

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All power to the Lightie solar bottle LED light

Here on Gadget Master lo-fi is fine and dandy, so thanks to Sue P for highlighting the Lightie, the solar bottle light – a solar-powered light that fits inside a standard fizzy pop bottle.

Gizmag describes it as a “small light with big ambitions”.

Its noble aim is to…

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Picture of the Day: LEDs enable Rubiks Cube building

This one is amazing. Puzzle Facade (2013) is a project by Javier Lloret, which “brings the experience of solving a Rubik’s cube to the urban space”…

It’s a very novel use of Bluetooth comms, LEDs, and a Rubik’s cube interface. It transforms the Ars Electronica’s facade…

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Picture of the day: LED-based Hammerhead guides cyclists

The Hammerhead – “Bike Navigation. That just works” – is an LED-based bit of kit for mounting on your handlebar that works with an associated app to incorporate social elements to cycle navigation.

So, as well as visual instructions to complete a journey, it can do such things as suggest crowd…

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LED Lumigrids map out cycle terrain

We like LED posts on Gadget Master and we like cycle posts on Gadget Master, so… (can you see where I’m going with this)… we really love LED cycling gadgets! Check out the Lumigrids idea, which was designed to improve night ride safety.

Essentially, by projecting square grids ahead…

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Video: DIY 12-foot LED matrix display

There’s no mistaking the messages left in the office by one very ingenuous Gadget Master, “kitesurfer”. He has built a 12-foot long and 20″ high LED matrix, to display text across 512 blue LEDs, which sit behind some frosted acrylic.

Apparently the display runs the length of his…

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LED Balloons

Describing itself as “the world’s biggest show and tell”, the website features a number of interesting DIY projects. One that caught my eye was ‘LED floaties’

‘Nak’ writes: “My friend from blastwave labs gave me a call a couple days ago and he told me grand plans…

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