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LED Lighting

The latest Electronics Weekly product news on LED lighting (light-emitting diodes – a semiconductor light source).

Zeolites could make LEDs cheaper and more efficient


Researchers from KU Leuven (Belgium), the University of Strasbourg, and CNRS have discovered a new phosphor that could make next-generation fluorescent and LED lighting even cheaper and more efficient. The team used highly luminescent clusters of silver atoms and the porous framework of minerals known as zeolites. Silver clusters consist of just a few silver atoms and have remarkable optical ...

Infineon starts production of LED lighting interface IC


This month Infineon starts volume production of an LED lighting interface IC which allows designers to replace many of the discrete components used in conventional dimming schemes with a single device. Thus, it can reduce the component count and PCB space needed for dimming circuitry in LED lighting applications by up to 70%. Infineon claims its CDM10V is the industry’s ...

Why not direct AC drive your LED string?


The whys and wherefores of AC-direct driving of LED lighting systems explained by Francois Mirand True to the history of other types of semiconductor products, LEDs offer better performance at a lower cost with every passing year. So much so, in fact, that the other elements of a conventional LED lighting fixture – the housing, connectors, PCB, optics, and most ...

Cree beats 200lm/W in lighting LED

Cree XP-G3

Cree has further up-graded its XP-G lighting LED, to version 3. XP-G3 delivers 31% more lumens and 8% higher lm/W that the XP-G2. “XP-G3 LED improves the lumen density, voltage characteristics and reliability of previous XP-G generations,” said Cree, claiming over 205 lm/W at 350mA and up to 863 lm at 2A will be available from the 3.45 x 3.45mm ...

Taiwan’s ITRI building OLED lighting line


Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Organization (ITRI) is building a flexible OLED lighting panel production line capable of producing 700 panels a month, reports Digitimes. Production on the roll-to-roll line is scheduled to start next year. The panels are made using thin film glass substrates. A 7cm by 7cm OLED lighting panel with luminous efficiency of 70-80lm/W will initially cost about ...

Plessey deal will use LED lights for growing plants

PhytoLux system

Plessey believes it is time to grow plants under artificial LED lighting. The UK-based LED lighting technology company has signed a license agreement to manufacture and sell horticultural lighting systems developed by PhytoLux. Plessey has also taken on the operational, technical and commercial activities of PhytoLux and said it wants to provide LED plant growth lighting solutions for the global ...

Sedna re-creates Picasso lighting experiment using LEDs


Sedna, the Cardiff LED lighting specialist, has recreated Picasso’s light experiment using an LED torch to mark the 43rd anniversary of the artist’s death. Mike Collins who was responsible for re-creating Picasso’s experiment, says: “Sedna have proved themselves to be innovative thinkers -using their resources to make a brighter world.” Collins explains his approach on YouTube: In 1949 Pablo Picasso ...

Laser spotlights and LED stage lighting from Osram

Osram laser spotlight

Osram is revealing laser spotlights and other stage lighting technology at Prolight+Sound 2016 in Frankfurt this week. Basing the laser-based spotlights on work done for laser-based car headlights and medical endoscopes, the spotlights can deliver up to 18,000 lm. “In 2014 Osram received the R&D 100 Award for the development of the Itos Phaser 3000 [pictured, for endoscopes],” said the ...

LED headlights score top, and bottom, in US tests

US IIHS headlight report

The US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have assessed headlights on 31 ‘mid-sized’ cars and given only one of them a ‘good’ rating – a Toyota Prius with LED headlights. 82 cars were tested over all as some were tried with more than one headlight option. The rest were: ‘good’ (1 car) acceptable (11), marginal (9) or poor (10). ...