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LED clothing changes colour to the beat of music

One for the fashion-conscious Gadget Master, perhaps?

A new line of clothing, Lüme, lights up with tiny, flexible LEDs sewn right into the jackets and dresses. It is created by a husband and wife team – Elizabeth Bigger and Luis Fraguada – who are seeking to make tech clothing “truly…

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MagPi and the Game of Life

Just a quick post to flag that Issue #13 of The MagPi has flown the nest, the magazine dedicated to the hugely popular educational development board.

Highlights include an introduction to controlling 64 LEDs and programming the I2C bus, the continuing Schism Tracker music series, some book reviews (Raspberry Pi…

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LED lighting and thermal design…

Time to highlight another video blog post from Dave Jones’ excellent Electronics Engineering Video Blog.

Check out this one on solid state LED lighting. It started as a straightforward project to provide illumination for Dave’s outdoor deck, at his home.

He anticipates that 16 Cree XLamp XP-Gs will…

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Video: Hacking into Vodka bottle LED displays

How do you hack a Vodka bottle? Well, we showed how to hack a calculator a couple of weeks ago and this time the challenge is for Medea Vodka bottles, which feature a scrolling blue LED display… I don’t believe this brand is on sale in the UK – tho…

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MonkeyLectric Video Pro LED bike wheel display

We flagged this one before – SpikePOV – Bicycle LED persistence of vision – with SpokePOV, or “persistence of vision for your bike”, being a way to have a bit of fun driving LED lights to improve your bike’s visibility. Well here’s another great video of the system in action, featuring…

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The Stribe – A DIY LED touch Interface

This one was flagged up for Gadget Master by our Technology Editor, Steve Bush – a Do-Itself-Yourself LED Touch Interface, Hi-Fi style.

The Stribe, apparently created by one Josh Boughey, combines touch sensors with LEDs to provide visual feedback. Previously, reports Create Digital Music, the original version was…

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500 LED ‘extreme flashlight’

          Here’s one for a Friday afternoon – a homemade 500 LED ‘extreme flashlight’, or torch, as we would say. As well as its operation, the video covers the build process for this device with 50 watt power consumption at full power.

See also: Electronics Weekly’s roundup of content related…

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3D LED cube dazzles in amazing fashion

This little gem from “Seekway has put together this spectacular 3D LED display, which is capable of displaying images in full 3D at an amazing 30 fps…

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Gadget Master Freeplay Competition

Test your knowledge of electronic gadgets for a chance to win a Freeplay EyeMax Radio! The EyeMax Self-Sufficient AM/FM Radio has both a solar panel and the ability to power it yourself when needed. It also includes an integrated flashlight. All you have to do to enter is…

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Gadget Master Podcast

We’ve just uploaded a brand new podcast – get it while it’s hot! Our latest podcast features Richard who built a lightning distance timer so would no longer have to calculate the approach or retreat of a thunderstorm. Brush up on the latest from the world of Gadget Master…

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