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Picture of the Day: LG’s flexible, rollup OLED display

We’re raiding the News Index for today’s Picture of the Day. Rollup screens is one of those technologies we seem to have been waiting years for. Well, LG is getting close to the goal, judging by the pics…. The displays, with a resolution of 1,200×810 resolution…

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How to build your own OLED smartwatch

This is a good one – how to build your own DIY OLED smartwatch (they’re all the rage, even our sceptical Components Editor, David Manners, has been won over by a Galaxy Gear2!) Check out the work of Jared Sanson, a real Gadget Master. He writes:
It’s taken me…

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Gadget Watch: Samsung Galaxy Tab S, with 10.5inch Super AMOLED display

Samsung has a new flagship tablet – the Galaxy Tab S, coming in 10.5 and 8.4 inch Super AMOLED screen versions. They run the latest version of Android (“KitKat”, 4.4). The screen is the thing for Samsung in terms of product differentiation, and both versions have the same…

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Arduino drives Smart Nixie Tubes with LED highlighting

Arduino, LEDs and Nixie Tubes? What’s not too like?

The Smart Nixie Tube is described as the first expandable Nixie Tube display with built-in Arduino Uno compatible hardware. Tyler Nehowig, an Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Minnesota, is the man behind the project, which is on…

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LED clothing changes colour to the beat of music

One for the fashion-conscious Gadget Master, perhaps?

A new line of clothing, Lüme, lights up with tiny, flexible LEDs sewn right into the jackets and dresses. It is created by a husband and wife team – Elizabeth Bigger and Luis Fraguada – who are seeking to make tech clothing “truly…

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MagPi and the Game of Life

Just a quick post to flag that Issue #13 of The MagPi has flown the nest, the magazine dedicated to the hugely popular educational development board.

Highlights include an introduction to controlling 64 LEDs and programming the I2C bus, the continuing Schism Tracker music series, some book reviews (Raspberry Pi…

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LED lighting and thermal design…

Time to highlight another video blog post from Dave Jones’ excellent Electronics Engineering Video Blog.

Check out this one on solid state LED lighting. It started as a straightforward project to provide illumination for Dave’s outdoor deck, at his home.

He anticipates that 16 Cree XLamp XP-Gs will…

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Video: Hacking into Vodka bottle LED displays

How do you hack a Vodka bottle? Well, we showed how to hack a calculator a couple of weeks ago and this time the challenge is for Medea Vodka bottles, which feature a scrolling blue LED display… I don’t believe this brand is on sale in the UK – tho…

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MonkeyLectric Video Pro LED bike wheel display

We flagged this one before – SpikePOV – Bicycle LED persistence of vision – with SpokePOV, or “persistence of vision for your bike”, being a way to have a bit of fun driving LED lights to improve your bike’s visibility. Well here’s another great video of the system in action, featuring…

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The Stribe – A DIY LED touch Interface

This one was flagged up for Gadget Master by our Technology Editor, Steve Bush – a Do-Itself-Yourself LED Touch Interface, Hi-Fi style.

The Stribe, apparently created by one Josh Boughey, combines touch sensors with LEDs to provide visual feedback. Previously, reports Create Digital Music, the original version was…

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