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Udoo Neo module hits IoT

Welcome the Neo board, from Udoo, makers of the educational Udoo single-board mini PC that was intended for students to learn the basics of coding and electronics…

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Gadget Watch: Chromebook Pixel

Two years ago Google introduced the first Chromebook Pixel, and now there’s a new flagship Chromebook on the block…

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Brick by brick, build the Phoneblok modular phone

Thanks to Fred P for highlighting this one – it’s an argument for taking a modular approach to mobile phone technology (good in theory, you may say, but…). Check out Phonebloks, a concept modular phone. Engineers note: we are are talking conceptual design…

Phoneblok would be made of detachable bloks…

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Cloudy Arduino Yún starts connecting

We first wrote about it back in May – Arduino goes wireless with Linux – but the Arduino Yún is now available (since September 10).

It runs a lightweight Linux distro, and also combines WiFi and Ethernet connections on board for communicating with networks out of the box. Why? The Arduino…

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A coffee please Rapiro, my little Raspberry Pi powered humanoid

Meet Rapiro, he’s a little programmable humanoid. According to its makers, “Rapiro can walk with its feet, can grip a pen, and can turn its head and waist”. He can even make you coffee, in theory.

The Japanese robot kit comes complete with an Arduino-compatible servo controller (it…

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Most read Gadget Master posts in May

You should gather your rosebuds in May, they say. Well, I’ll have to just make do with gathering Gadget Master page-views, for the month that has just passed… Which posts have proved the most popular in the month of May?

Topics covered include: an LED light mask, electric…

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