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And the winner is … Gadget Master!

Loyal Gadget Master readers may remember we recently took part in a charity blogathon, which in total raised £2,200 for aid organisation RE Cares. Thanks to our wonderful readers, Gadget Master received an award for the biggest increase in traffic, with a staggering 98.8 per cent increase in…

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How did we manage before the headlight alarm?

Never forget to turn off your headlight ever again! Most new cars already have a headlight alarm built in but there are still many cars out there without that feature. This circuit is cheap and easy to put together. For a few other car-related gadget ideas, why not have…

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Automatic headlight brightness switch

Driving with high-beam headlights will ensure your visibility in the coming winter months, but they’ll blind any driver who’s coming from the other direction. The automatic headlight brightness switch can be wired into your headlight switch to provide automatic switching between high and low beam headlights when…

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