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Arduino Interrupts

David writes: “Often when working on microcontroller projects you need a background function to run at regular intervals. This is often done by setting up a hardware timer to generate an interrupt. The interrupt triggers an Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) to handle the periodic interrupt…

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One hour microcontroller how-to

Another great article showing that microcontroller projects are neither hard or expensive. James shows us how to use a Picaxe microcontroller for easy and inexpensive hobby microcontroller projects. With one hour and $15 in parts, you are up and running with a microcontroller…

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How to build your own LCD thermometer

Return to Taking the Temperature » Today we’ve got a handy gadget that electrical engineers can try at home: the LCD thermometer. A new and improved version of a previous model, the LCD thermometer comes from Wichit Sirichote’s indispensable Build Your Own Microcontroller Projects site. Sirichote is becoming something…

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Sleep easy with the night light saver

Say hello to the no EMI and no battery night light saver. The night light saver can be attached to a lamp in your very own home. It uses a 2051 chip and a small triac. The night light saver is a very easy-to-install, inexpensive device that will…

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Build your own electronic distance meter

From the Build Your Own Microcontroller Projects site – a very handy and comprehensive collection of electronic DIY projects – comes the electronic distance meter.

With summer upon us, many (begrudgingly) head to the gym, knowing that fewer layers of clothing mean you can’t always get away with that second piece…

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