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Gadget Watch: Jack Wi-Fi guitar lead

Ingenious Audio is an Edinburgh-based startup behind “the first guitar device to stream over Wi-Fi”. The team have been showing off their power chords in CES, marking the launch of their product on KickStarter…

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Pelty powers Bluetooth speakers with fire

Candlelight and music go together, don’t they? So what could be more natural than a candle-powered Bluetooth speaker?

Check out Pelty, which uses the thermal energy generated by the heat of a candle to help power the speakers.

It’s currently a project seeking attention on crowdfunding website…

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Picture of the Day: Neil Young’s PonoPlayer

It seems Neil Young is set to unveil a new portable music player device, and associated music service, at the SXSW conference this week, dubbed the PonoPlayer. They’ll be “Rockin’ in the Free World”, indeed.

Heading towards KickStarter for crowd-funding, the USP is its aimed at audiophiles…


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Rocking robots! From Compressorhead to Z Machines

New Scientist’s Celeste Biever rounds up the robot music scene, prompted by the arrival of the latest android combo, Z Machines. Apparently, they are powered by Android, but details are scarce.

Celeste writes:
Music may seem the last of human activities that robots would encroach on, but this band…

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Skubey Skubey Radio!

Inside the Skube from Andrew Nip on Vimeo.

Check out this example of Arduino powering a new style, social radio – a “Skube”. This is a music player that “allows you to discover and share music and facilitates the decision process of picking tracks when in a communal setting,” according to…

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Modding a mind-controlled music machine

Hats off to musician Robert Schneider, of The Apples in Stereo, for this mind-controlled music machine… Basically he controls the pitch of a synthesiser with his thoughts…

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Arduino + Accelerometer == DIY music controller

This Gadget Master was facing his Physical Computing and Max MSP finals, and the great project he came up with was… To create a motion-sensitive music controller. It’s Tilt to Play!

Physical Computing – Final Project – Max MSP Controller from Ryan Raffa on Vimeo.Ryan writes:

I made a…

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Tesla musica electronica

More musica electronica… Joel Young has already blogged about Nikola Tesla today, and here is another spectacular varion on the theme – tesla coils playing music. Check out this video from YouTube demonstrating the possible audio effects.mankee1337 writes: My 250,000 volt Tesla Coil playing Mario Brothers. All the sound…

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Arduino Sound – Part One

David Fowler writes: “This is the first in a series of articles about generating sound with an Arduino…

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Tesla coil music to our ears

For those musically inclined design engineers, we present the keyboard hooked up to a tesla coil. We found this video lurking in the depths of Stumble Upon. Just think of all the fun (and the astronomical electricity bills) you could have at a house party when you not only use…

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