Tech news tagged ‘printed circuit board’

Gardening made easy with a soil moisture meter

Plant watcher ensures your plants won’t go thirsty This is the gadget green thumbs across the globe have been waiting for. Italian designer Flavio Dellepiane put together a plant watering watcher that flashes an LED at a low rate when the soil in the pot plant becomes too dry…

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Les wears his silicon on his sleeve

Looking for cool way of wowing that special someone on Valentines Day? Build her a flashing heart made from LEDs driven by a programmable microcontroller. Les’ gadget is simple to build and made from easily-obtainable parts. The unique thing about this design is the LEDs are in an X…

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Clive had an engagingly surreal stage presence

Special effects designer Clive Mitchell’s electric match controller is intended for producing small-scale special effects like a confetti rainstorm. An electric match is a common device for firing pyrotechnics on stage – it works by passing a current through a thin nichrome wire, which in turn ignites a surrounding…

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