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PiFace Relay+ and MotorControl competition

Time for another Gadget Master competition. It’s well overdue!

The Raspberry Pi always proves popular, so how about a chance to get your hands on a PiFace Relay+ and PiFace MotorControl Extra. We have fifty of these pairs of kit to give away, in association with Farnell element14.


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Hail the home automation competition winner!

Hail Gadget Master Frederick Vandenbosch. He has just won a “Forget Me Not” challenge in which 15 finalists were challenged to create a home automation system inspired by the internet of things…

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Raspberry Pi gets real-time clock board

Meant to flag this last week – the Shim RTC. Element 14 has added the real-time clock (RTC) board to its Raspberry Pi add-on line-up, writes Steve Bush…

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DevBoard Watch: Raspberry Pi Compute Module Dev Kit

element14 is launching the Raspberry Pi Compute Development Kit, to allow design engineers to test the power of the new Raspberry Pi variant, which is aimed at industrial or embedded applications.

Basically, the core technology of a Pi has been repackaged and released in a new form, aimed at those…

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The MagPi builds a Pi oscilloscope

The magazine devoted to all things Raspberry Pi, The MagPi, has published its latest issue. As always, it’s available for free download.

What’s in the June (#24) issue? There’s an article describing how to use the Raspberry Pi as a 10 Msps scope, how to build a…

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Gadget Book: Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids

Happy to flag this one – a new book that may be of interest to younger Gadget Masters: Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids, written by Daniel Bates, a Computer Science researcher at the University of Cambridge.

The publishers, Packt Publishing, write:
This handy guide will launch you into the world of…

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Raspberry Pi Compute Module plugs into PCB design

Here’s an interesting one. The people behind the Raspberry Pi have announced the arrival of a Compute Module, taking the Pi system in a more industrial, professional direction.

Basically, the core technology of a Pi has been repackaged and released into the world in a new form, for those…

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Python powered percussion with the Raspberry Pi Glockenspiel!

Thanks to for highlighting this one, a Raspberry Pi-powered Glockenspiel machine! The software is written in Python, using the GPIO on the device.

The Gadget Master in question is one Ivan Roulson.

Liz Upton writes:
Ivan took that sad glockenspiel home and gave it a Pi for…

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