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Gadget Book: Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids

Happy to flag this one – a new book that may be of interest to younger Gadget Masters: Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids, written by Daniel Bates, a Computer Science researcher at the University of Cambridge.

The publishers, Packt Publishing, write:
This handy guide will launch you into the world of…

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Raspberry Pi Compute Module plugs into PCB design

Here’s an interesting one. The people behind the Raspberry Pi have announced the arrival of a Compute Module, taking the Pi system in a more industrial, professional direction.

Basically, the core technology of a Pi has been repackaged and released into the world in a new form, for those…

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Python powered percussion with the Raspberry Pi Glockenspiel!

Thanks to for highlighting this one, a Raspberry Pi-powered Glockenspiel machine! The software is written in Python, using the GPIO on the device.

The Gadget Master in question is one Ivan Roulson.

Liz Upton writes:
Ivan took that sad glockenspiel home and gave it a Pi for…

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Wolfson adds audiophile sound quality to Raspberry Pi

More details are emerging about the Raspberry Pi audio card that is designed by Edinburgh sound-specialists Wolfson, writes Steve Bush.

The Pi add-on, aimed at audiophiles who want an increase in sound quality over Raspberry Pi’s existing education-grade audio interfaces - is capable of 24bit 96kHz audio…

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Pan flute or Raspberry PiFlute?

Music hack of the decade? That’s the title bestowed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation on this lovely piece of cleverness.

It comes from the Way Out West Hackathon 2013 and involves the Pixelfolders party hack team creating a pan flute-based game…

They’ve written in detail about their…

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Android development a RioT with new devboard

One for Gadget Masters to note – Element14 has launched a single-board development system for Android-based handheld devices.

Based around a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 core in a Freescale i.MX 6Solo microcontroller, it’s called the RioTboard, writes Steve Bush, and it is priced at £46.

With its…

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Raspberry Pi goes nocturnal with infrared camera module

The Raspberry Pi already has a Camera Board, which was announced in May, but now there’s a new infrared camera module.

It’s called the Pi NoIR (geddit?) and is a variant of the visible light camera board with the same 5 megapixel image sensor.

The idea is that…

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Picture of the Day: PiRack connects multiple IO boards to the Raspberry Pi

element14, in collaboration with Dr Andrew Robinson (creator of PiFace Digital), is launching PiRack, a carrier card allowing users to connect multiple I/O boards, including Embedded Pi and PiFace Digital to the Raspberry Pi (via its GPIO connector).

They write:
PiRack’s ability to connect up to four expansion…

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A coffee please Rapiro, my little Raspberry Pi powered humanoid

Meet Rapiro, he’s a little programmable humanoid. According to its makers, “Rapiro can walk with its feet, can grip a pen, and can turn its head and waist”. He can even make you coffee, in theory.

The Japanese robot kit comes complete with an Arduino-compatible servo controller (it…

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Raspberry Pi camera module takes the MagPi focus of attention

Time to flag there’s a new issue of The Mag Pi, the free digital magazine devoted to all things Raspberry Pi. The development board’s new camera module is the focus of attention this month, with a guide on its setup and basic operation being written by James Hughes…

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