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Robot Wars returns, this time with Bluetooth…

BBC robot wars robot_tank

Robot Wars battles its way back to UK screens this year, with Bluetooth on hand to help. Martin Woolley, Technical programme manager of the Bluetooth SIG, is among those awaiting the return! Robot Wars is making a return to UK screens after a 12 year holiday, news that understandably was met with much joy from fans worldwide, and Bluetooth is ...

Robo Wunderkind plays with modular robots


It’s a competitive space, modular programming elements for kids, but check out this new entry: the Robo Wunderkind robot. It’s a robotics and coding kit for “kids of all ages”, described as “the smartest building blocks”.

Spot the robot dog, working for the clampdown

Boston Dynamics

We will teach our twisted speech to the young believers We will train our blue-eyed men to be young believers [Working for the clampdown, The Clash] The world and his dog may already have seen this viral video. But let’s hope the dog doesn’t get any ideas about forming a pack with these fearsome robots. Is it only me that ...