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Spot the robot dog, working for the clampdown

Boston Dynamics

We will teach our twisted speech to the young believers We will train our blue-eyed men to be young believers [Working for the clampdown, The Clash] The world and his dog may already have seen this viral video. But let’s hope the dog doesn’t get any ideas about forming a pack with these fearsome robots. Is it only me that ...

From Mindstorms to Intel Edison for low-cost Braille printer

Braigo v1

This one is worthy of attention for a whole host of reasons. Not only is a young Gadget Master successfully punching well-above his weight, his original development of Lego’s Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit is now being used to provide a low-cost Braille printer. The BBC has reported that the 13-year-old from San Jose has caught the eye of Intel, no ...