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Gadget Book: Make – Getting Started with Sensors

Here’s a book that caught my eye for budding Gadget Masters – Make: Getting Started with Sensors.

With the strapline “Measure the World with Electronics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi”, it’s a very accessible, step-by-step introduction to using sensors in projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi kit.


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Hail the home automation competition winner!

Hail Gadget Master Frederick Vandenbosch. He has just won a “Forget Me Not” challenge in which 15 finalists were challenged to create a home automation system inspired by the internet of things…

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Gadget Watch: Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

The Internet of Things will see ever more sensors ingeniously embedded to communicate with ever more systems, the story goes. Well, here’s one further new example of sensors nestling into our private sphere…

Sony has announced its Smart Tennis Sensor to plug into the bottom of your tennis racquet…

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The Stribe – A DIY LED touch Interface

This one was flagged up for Gadget Master by our Technology Editor, Steve Bush – a Do-Itself-Yourself LED Touch Interface, Hi-Fi style.

The Stribe, apparently created by one Josh Boughey, combines touch sensors with LEDs to provide visual feedback. Previously, reports Create Digital Music, the original version was…

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Don’t touch the touchless lightswitch!

It’s a miracle! A lightswitch that doesn’t require touch to operate? What will they think of next! We let the touchless lightswitch’s creator Ryan explain what led him to design the microcontroller-based capacitive sensor device: “I’ve found lately though that capacitive detection doesn’t have…

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