Tech news tagged ‘solar cells’

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Raspberry Pi camera beacon powered by solar panels

Here’s a neat idea. Using a beacon-like radio transmitter to share live images taken by a remote small camera. And the wireless camera module works on ‘its own’ power without being connected to the electricity mains.

The creator writes:
Since the device will transmit using a simple radio…

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Build your own solar power generator – InfoGraphic

Not a great fan of InfoGraphics myself – it’s always caveat emptor – but thanks to RapidOnline for this one, on building your own solar power generator.
“It’s a guide to making your own solar power generator which delves into what materials are needed and how to piece them together…

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Picture of the Day: Titan Aerospace solar powered drones

Why are we featuring this futuristic system, a solar powered drone that can fly nonstop for years?

Because Google has beaten off interest from Facebook to buy Titan Aerospace, the company behind the spectacular drone technology. The very high end of gadgetry!

Following its balloon-based Internet connectivity and driverless…

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The MagPi finds more energy with solar tracking

Check out the latest issue of  The MagPi, the magazine devoted to all things Raspberry Pi. The latest issue, for April, is number 22 and it’s available for free download.

This month it features the “Reflective Solar Tracker”, a solar cell with a Raspberry Pi that helps to improve…

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All power to the Lightie solar bottle LED light

Here on Gadget Master lo-fi is fine and dandy, so thanks to Sue P for highlighting the Lightie, the solar bottle light – a solar-powered light that fits inside a standard fizzy pop bottle.

Gizmag describes it as a “small light with big ambitions”.

Its noble aim is to…

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Solar hybrid robot lawnmower

We like robots on Gadget Master – see When Robots Swarm, Apprentices take on Robotics Challenge and DIY robot sentry ready to take over the world – and so this one caught our eye.

Take a look at the solar hybrid robot lawnmower, which can reportedly work silently at a speed of…

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Solar powered trikes – Green is the new Black

With the black cloud of global warming threatening the planet, people are finally starting to seriously go green. But where is the global interest in green projects? It isn’t like they can’t be exciting, as new methods of harnessing energy are at the forefront of modern technology. What…

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Solar radiation and a delta-sigma ADC

A device to measure the rays all around us, but it doesn’t come under the ‘tin-foil helmet’ category. File it under delta-sigma ADC – it is a very detailed Solar Server project to measure the solar radiation striking Earth (“insolation”), recording the daily data to a file, which…

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