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Gadget Watch: Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

The Internet of Things will see ever more sensors ingeniously embedded to communicate with ever more systems, the story goes. Well, here’s one further new example of sensors nestling into our private sphere…

Sony has announced its Smart Tennis Sensor to plug into the bottom of your tennis racquet…

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Picture of the Day: Sony SmartBand SR10

Another Picture of the Day from the Mobile World Congress 2014, finishing today in Barcelona.

Along with IoT, “wearable tech” is one of those emerging themes that tech companies are crowding around (a siren call , in this writer’s humble opinion). So, in the wake of the Nike FuelBand and…

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Picture of the Day: CES – Sony in-car smartphone cradle receiver

Here’s an interesting one. Sony, at CES, has unveiled what it claims is the first smartphone cradle receiver to allow multiple brands of smartphones to serve as in-car dashboard touch screens.

The Sony XSP-N1BT is a double-DIN Smartphone Cradle Receiver, and its “clamping system” can hold…

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Gadget Watch: Sony Xperia Z Ultra envelope pushing phablet

Gadget Watch spots the Android-powered Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the device that is pushing the phablet envelope.

Previously, the Samsung Galaxy Note was the holder of the title “biggest smartphone display”, but Sony has now taken the crown. The Galaxy Note’s 5.55-inch display has been surpassed…

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Video: Sony Xperia Z put-together

Here’s a nice video from Sony, not so much a Tear-down as a Put-together, which follows neatly on from the recent Gert Board construction video (a new trend emerging?)… It’s taken from a Sony CES presentation. On the company blog, they write: We opened up the…

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