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Sweet Home Alabama, Tesla coil style

Here’s a fun post for a Friday afternoon – Tesla coil style. Two EE students – Eric Goodchild and Steven Caton, at ASU Polytechnic and UCLA – have rigged this system in a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute.

With a specific number of sparks generated per second, different tones can be produced by the…

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Tesla musica electronica

More musica electronica… Joel Young has already blogged about Nikola Tesla today, and here is another spectacular varion on the theme – tesla coils playing music. Check out this video from YouTube demonstrating the possible audio effects.mankee1337 writes: My 250,000 volt Tesla Coil playing Mario Brothers. All the sound…

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Tesla Coil night light

Check out this home made Tesla Coil night light. Mini fluorescent lamps need not go to waste, even if the system makes enough noise to keep you awake.

The YouTube poster, brazilero2008, writes:

This is a quick way to re-purpose a mediocre, low power Tesla Coil that’s just…

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Tesla coil music to our ears

For those musically inclined design engineers, we present the keyboard hooked up to a tesla coil. We found this video lurking in the depths of Stumble Upon. Just think of all the fun (and the astronomical electricity bills) you could have at a house party when you not only use…

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