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Latest Electronic Gadget News: Test and Measurement

Taking a swirling, mind-melting journey on LabVIEW

The folks at National Instruments obviously had fun making this one. A novel LabVIEW app lets you become part of a swirling, psychedelic-style, interactive work of art! The app uses a slit-scan imaging technique to create customised animations. NI writes: Originally used in static photography to produce surreal…

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Digital Volt Meters from Santa's workshop

I don’t know if you follow the Engineer in Wonderland series on Electro-ramblings, but when Alice gets into the workshop the content is worth sharing – consider Alice an uber-Gadget Master! Take this recent post: I like to make at least one present for someone at Christmas. This…

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How to build your own Geiger Counter

Here’s a very interesting project, with a very worthy motive behind it, reports Technabob. Some engineers at Libelium, a wireless sensor network company, decided to help the people of Japan, around Fukushima, determine levels of radiation for themselves. The result was an Arduino-based device that would detect Alpha…

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Dangerous laser pointer? Find out at home

Poorly-made green laser pointers can damage your eyesight, and mighty US tech lab NIST has devised a home table top experiment to help separate the dangerous from good. Very much in the Blue Peter mould, it requires two plastic cups, a CD, and a webcam…

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Shaping waveforms gets turntable in a spin

What is Gadget Master about, if not the creative reuse of existing components? Thanks to Bernard Green, of Syemon Electronic Solutions, for sending in his ingenious self-built solution to a problem. He writes that he had a need to generate a single cycle of a very low frequency near…

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iPhone app reads your PicoScope

Testing is a crucial part of the development cycle, as any gadget master will have suffered, and here’s a cool iPhone app to help the process, when you find yourself turning to use a PicoScope…

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Video: MCU turns the gears of time

Check out this inventive use of an MCU and stepper motor by one Alan Parekh. This great looking gear clock tells the time in a unique way. A PIC 16F628A microcontroller with an external 20MHz crystal oscillator times a stepper gear, which drives a minute display, which also drives an…

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Hotbox temperature logger

Here’s a great project, recommended to Gadget Master by our own indomitable device-builder, EW’s Technology Editor Steve Bush. It’s the Hotbox temperature logger. Whether its monitoring the temperature for home brewing beer, making marmalade or even checking to whether the sea water is warm enough to…

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