Electronic Gadget News: Voltage regulators

Power and Energy Monitor Meter competition

It’s time for the next Gadget Master competition, and we are taking inspiration from Joel Young’s recent Weird & Wireless post – Does unplugging all your wall-warts really matter? The prize to be won this month is the Plug-In Power and Energy Monitor Meter. Measuring voltage, amps…

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Stormbringer coming - Defend against the static!

Thanks to Steve Bush, our Technology Editor, for flagging this one – a self-built passive infra-red detector, to help protect electronic equipment from the effects of static in violent storms of thunder and lightning. The inventor, Jeff, lived in Majorca and felt the vulnerability of devices that had to…

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LED lighting and voltage boosting

Thanks to Made By Monkeys for highlighting this one – involving a dual-purpose torch / bicycle-light that was eating NiMH cells pretty fast… Blogger ‘Le Magicien’ got to work, modding the device. He writes: I like this torch a lot but… the incandescent bulb eats the NiMH cells pretty fast…

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