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Lumileds has released assembly and handling instructions for its compact Luxeon CoB range.

Plenty of down-to-earth information in there.

These CoBs are available in: 80CRI and 90CRI and 3-step MacAdam ellipses, and are all hot-tested at 85°C…

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Patents: Nichia Everlight

According to Nichia:
A further new white LED patent which covers, among others, YAG phosphors has been granted by the European Patent Office in favour of Nichia, namely EP 2 276 080.

With the grant of this new patent, Nichia has immediately started to enforce the patent against Everlight. On…

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Iris scanning phone uses Osram ir led

Fujitsu’s Arrows NX F-04G phone it secured by iris scanning – it will not un-lock until it views the correct iris.

Osram is supplying the led used as an infra-red source for the scan.

“These ireds are the only ones capable of the high power needed for…

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Litecool eliminates secondary optics in spotlights

Litecool of Sheffield has managed to get a 36deg beam and >90% efficiency from a packaged LED with no secondary optics, and CEO James Reeves seems confident narrower beams are possible without much further loss in efficency.

It the proof-of-concept device, which ws an attempt at producing…

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Lumileds puts colour into 3535 package

Lumileds has launched Luxeon 3535L Color Line – a range of coloured led di in ite 3.5 x 3.5mm package.

Colours are: red, red-orange, PC amber (phosphor-converted), lime (also phosphor converted), green and blue.

“The success our customers have had with our high power colour emitters convinced…

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Litecool 2.5kg high-bay

You have got to hand it to Litecool of Sheffield, it certainly knows how to get heat out of leds*, as it is demonstrating with a remarkably small (take a look at the ruler on the desk) 2.5kg (including heatsink) 10,000 lm high bay luminaire.

And the heatsink…

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Led for automotive head-up displays

Osram is aiming at automotove head-up displays with an led colour-coordinated with TFT displays and viewing white point requirements.

Called Oslon Compact CL, is has a 1mm die. “A ceramic converter ensures that the colour locus remains constant even at high temperatures,” said the firm. “The quality of…

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Robust high-bay from Osram

Based around Osram’s Oslon Square leds from Osram subsidiary Siteco, Compact High Bay does what is says on the tin – working in room heights from 6 to 15m.

It is intended as an alternative to 250 or 400W metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps (HIE/HIT or HSE…

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Cree puts four leds into XP format

Cree has put a monolithic ’12V’ four junction die into its ‘XP’ package.

Maximum power is now a shade under 13W (1A), although specified current is 350mA for about 700lm out.

In comes in lensed and lens-less versions.

Take a look at the XPH35 series on the Electronics Weekly…

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