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Litecool: dielectric beats copper for LED cooling

You have got to hand it to Litecool of Sheffield, two interesting cooling developments in as many weeks, plus a whole new way to eliminate MCPCBs two months ago.

Its latest cooling idea has been to find a dielectric that conducts heat three times better than copper – which it is…

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Power-over-Internet is good for lighting…?

Maxim has released a white paper explaining the basics of Power over Ethernet (PoE) to feed and control LED lighting.

It suggests 13, 25.5, or 51W is available to power LEDs depending on the category of cable installed and the number of pairs in the cable allocated to power…

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Unusual lens makes narrow beams from CoBs

 Yet again, I was asleep when an innovative optic first appeared.

This one is a TIR collimator inside a collimator, intended to get fairly narrow beams from CoBs.

Sized for fitting in PAR20s and called FNL-N1-75-R, it is a 75mm diamater by 32mm monster from Fraen, described…

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Saffron circadian sleep bulb gets closer

With ever-more people realising that blue light late in the evening upsets sleep, Utah firm Saffron is developing a sleep-friendly replacement bulb called Silk.

A neat thing about Saffron is that is has also developed the infrastructure needed to control when and how the light dims and changes…

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An LED for insomniacs

An interesting LED from Cree slipped below my radar earlier this year.

It is a ‘far red’ version of its XP-E emitter – with peak emission around 730nm – very deep red.

A few years ago Electronics Weekly had an interesting conversation with Dr John O’Hagan of the UK Health…

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Better photos of Cree light guides

Cree has got in touch to send some closer photos of the new light guides it is using in its own-brand LN (office) and IG (garage) luminaires.

Electronics Weekly has requested more information on what makes the technology unique.




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Data over mains for led lighting

‘ready2mains’ is an over-mains dimming scheme from driver maker Tridonic.

So – sophisticated dimming can be added despite no modifications to existing wiring.

Its TalexxConverter Premium driver have it built in – the 100W one, for example, can dim from 1-100% using ready2mains

This unit consumes 150mW standby power – not…

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For Museums and retail

For Museums and retail, Ledil’s 700 Olivia-S is designed to produce beams with typical FWHM of 15-20°, subject to the LES size (up to 19mm).

‘S’ is for spot, and it will soon be joined by some wide beam versions.

Fresnel/folding optics keeps height below 23mm…

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Lumileds 6.5mm CoBs reach 1,100 lm at 110 lm/W

Lumileds has pushed up the power of its 6.5mm diameter emission CoB leds, aiming them at PAR, GU10 and MR16 lamps.

Called ‘109’ CoBs, they are part of the firm’s 12x15mm Compact CoB family, this time specified at 250mA (35.5V nominal 1.5°C/W). 

Others 12x15mm…

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Etendue giving you trouble?

A single die led that can deliver over 100,000cd running at 10W from a 50mm diameter optic has been announced by Cree.

It is a lens-less version of its 3.45 x 3.45mm XP-L – with lens-less designs generally trading a little efficacy for intensity. 


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