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Ikea adds low-profile modules

Ikea has gone for linear strips of mid-power leds slid into aluminium channel for its latest kitchen under-cabinet lighting.

Called Omlopp, it comes in 40, 60 and 80mm lengths. (186, 285, 400 lm; 5.3, 7.7, 10W; 35. 37, 40 lm/W).

The construction allows a 10mm…

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Zhaga to standardise CoBs

Zhaga is working on a CoB standard.

Although it is early days, six sizes have been identified:

 12 x 15mm
16 x 19mm
19 x 19mm
20 x 24mm
24 x 24mm
28 x 28mm

Almost everything else us up for discussion.

See this article on the Electronics Weekly news…

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IR led for iris scanning in phones

Aiming at adding iris scanning to phones and tablets, Osram has introduced a low-profile 810nm infra-red led with narrow emission angle and high intensity.

“A wavelength of 810 nm is particularly suitable in this regard because it provides high-contrast pictures of the irises of any colour at…

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OP05CA is a series of LED open-circuit protectors from Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics.

They automatically reset after a power cycle and arec ompatible with PWM frequencies up to 30kHz.

Applications are expected in street lights, traffic lights, tunnels, advertising hoardings, and in medical illumination…

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Kingbright 1W leds

KTDS-3536 is a surface-mount 1W lighting led range from Kingbright.

The package is just under 3.5mm square and 2mm high with a silicone lens.

Data is a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

Cool, neutral and warm white are available, as are red, green and…

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Fairchild replaces mains LED driver after four months

For reasons I cannot yet fathom from the data sheets, Fairchild has replaced the FL7733 mains led driver chip (July 2014) – at least, it is not recommended for new designs – with the FL7733A.

FL7733A is a 5-60W single-stage led driver with primary-side control with <10% THD…

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Verbatim’sPAR16 GU10

Verbatim’s dimmable 8.5W PAR16 GU10 range delivers up to 660lmm and comes in a choice of colour temperatures, and are 25% more efficient than the firm’s previous generation.

The firm is being good here – quoting 660 lm in a 90° cone. Total output is up to 690…

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Merc adaptive headlight has Osram leds

The Mercedes Benz CLS has adaptive front lighting (AFS) using Osram Oslon Compact LEDs.

Each module in the headlight is equipped with 24 leds packed close together – each is 1.6×1.2mm.

“They are extremely compact, so they can be arranged close to one another in the headlight with a…

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Luminus 1W led under 2x2mm

Luminus Devices has announced Cube, a 1W lighting LED in a 1.9×1.9mm package.

Designed from scratch for lighting rather than backlighting, it has a 170 degree viewing angle.

Efficacy is up to 143 lm/W, max power is 1.63W, and colour temperature spans 2,700-5,000K…

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Lumileds adds 6.5mm CoBs for spots

For spotlights and directional lamps, Lumileds has added a 6.5mm emissive diameter lighting led to its range of CoBs.

Called Luxeon CoB 1202, firm claims it can deliver 65,000 candelas at a 10 ̊ beam angle – without clarifying if this is +/-5 or +/-10 ̊ – and sees it used in…

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