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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

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UV leds from Lumileds

Lumileds Luxeon FlipChip UV leds are 1x1mm devices with a 5-sided emitter for wide viewing angle.

They come in:

380nm (3.2V, 450mW*)
390nm (3.1V, 650mW*)
400nm (3.0V, 750mW*)

* Vf and flux at 500mA, flux is typical for high-end bin

Maximum drive is 1A.

Designers can…

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Update: Does this mean Plessey is building a luminaire factory?

Plessey is retrofitting the lighting at its Plymouth fab with GaN-on-Si leds made on site.

Looks like it has the equipment to make lighting modules, so is it going to become a module maker, or even a luminaire maker?

Lumileds, Cree, and Osram have gone out of their…

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Lumileds 1.1×1.1 and 1.4×1.4mm mid-power leds

Lumileds Luxeon FlipChip White leds are “chip-scale” devices which apparently offer the firm’s highest flux-density in similar packages – so good for narrow angle beams and high pcb packing density.

I typed “chip-scale” because led makers are starting to play fast and loose with this term and…

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Osram mid-power IR leds

Osram has announced a lower power version of its 850nm infra-red leds for security cameras.

Oslon Black SFH 4713A produces 760mW for illumination at 10-50m, compared with its >1W devices intended for up to 100m.

Beam angle is 90°.

1A drive is needed for 760mW, and typically…

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CSR adds HVAC control to home lighting network

CSR has extended CSRmesh Home Automation, its Bluetooth Smart solution for home lighting, adding control for things including heating and door locks.

“The latest software release adds sensor and actuator models to build on the original protocol that was designed for lighting control,” said the firm. “The update will make…

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Ford adds active safety spotlight to headlight beams

Ford is developing two automotive front lighting technologies aimed at improving safety on unlit roads at its R&D centre in Aachen.

One for the near future apparently is a system which can widen the headlight beam at junctions and roundabouts.

The system interprets traffic signs to better illuminate…

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Backgrounder on street lamp lightning strikes

Osram has published a backgrounder on the relationship between lightning strikes and LED streetlamps.

The firm has its own range of protection devices, but the document has useful information beyond these…

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Lumileds has released assembly and handling instructions for its compact Luxeon CoB range.

Plenty of down-to-earth information in there.

These CoBs are available in: 80CRI and 90CRI and 3-step MacAdam ellipses, and are all hot-tested at 85°C…

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Patents: Nichia Everlight

According to Nichia:
A further new white LED patent which covers, among others, YAG phosphors has been granted by the European Patent Office in favour of Nichia, namely EP 2 276 080.

With the grant of this new patent, Nichia has immediately started to enforce the patent against Everlight. On…

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Iris scanning phone uses Osram ir led

Fujitsu’s Arrows NX F-04G phone it secured by iris scanning – it will not un-lock until it views the correct iris.

Osram is supplying the led used as an infra-red source for the scan.

“These ireds are the only ones capable of the high power needed for…

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