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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

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Two blue peaks for whiter white

Just when you thought there were sufficient shades of white in the world, along comes another one.
CrispWhite Technology “brings a completely new look to retail settings, with its unique ability to highlight bright whites while while colours appear saturated, revealing the richest colours found in clothing, paints and other…

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Design your own collimator

Zemax has put a series of videos up on its website showing how its OpticStudio can be used to design a collimator for a particular LED…

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Cree bulb has low-med-high at the flick of a switch

Cree has introduced a three-intensity, selected by flicking the wall switch, LED replacement for incandescent bulbs.

Called ’3-Way Cree’, the firm says it has “three light levels distinctly visible to the naked eye”.

That said, the values are 3, 8 or 18W (320, 820 or 1,620 lm…

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Philips combines Lumileds and LED headlight division

Philips is combining its Lumileds LED making and automotive lighting business, and may be looking for third-party investment.

The firm’s statements are all very positive, and I have no crystal ball, but I wonder if competition from all and sundry has put a dent in the profits the…

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Unique reflector for large arrays streetlights

For large area CoB arrays in streetlights, Ledil has developed the Bertha free-form reflector family with Bridgelux.

There are three versions with IESNA Type II short, Type III medium and Type IV medium type beam patterns.

The reflectors are made from special polymer and metallised using an SiO2 process…

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Optic lights shop aisles

Ledil has developed an optic especially for retail aisles with shelves on both sides.

Called Florence ZT25, it pushes a blade of light towards each row of shelves.

Size is 286x 61mm, 11mm high, and it needs to sit over 33 small surface-mount LEDs

The data sheet specifies it…

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Osram packs in lasers for projection

Osram has worked on efficiency and heat sinking to get 50W of blue laser light from 26x35mm.

For more details see this story on the news website…

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Diary date: LpS 2014

With more than 60 lectures and over 100 exhibitors, the international LED professional Symposium+Expo will take place for the fourth time from Sept 30th to Oct 2nd in Bregenz, Austria.

One of the lecture presentations will be about the development of a new color fidelity index, called CRI2012, presented…

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Lumileds hits 10,000 lm with CoB arrays, at 100 lm/W

Aiming at replacing 70-100W ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM) lamps, Lumileds has introduced ‘Luxeon CoB 1211′ arrays – with a 19mm diameter light source on a 28x28mm tile.

Efficacy is 93-130 lm/W, depending on colour temperature and CRI of the luminaire.

The 10,000 lm and 100 lm…

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Molex pre-wired LED array holder

Aiming to get secondary optics closer to array-style LEDs, Molex has introduced a low-profile COB holder. 

“The key design challenge for LED accent lighting luminaires is to get secondary optics very close to the light emitting surface of the LED. Any reduction in the distance between the LED…

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