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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

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Osram achives IR LED high

Osram has pushed up the power of its 850nm Oslon Black leds, upping output to 800mW from 630mW in the ‘A’ suffix version of its SFH 4715.

This is a 90° led intended for security illumination. For feeding narrow-beam reflector optics, there is also a 150° SFH 4716A.


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Silicone Lenses for COB LEDs

   Khatod has introduced silicone lenses for CoB arrays, called SIO3.

The material has been chosen for its: sustained transparency over years, resistance to yellowing, UV-resistance, optical efficiency, lack of birefringence, temperature resistance (-40 to 150°C, 200°C peak), and flexible at low temperatures.

Designed for streetlights, depending on…

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Seoul omni light engine for A19 bulbs

Seoul Semiconductor has announced an led module for A19 light bulbs that uses two recently-announced products: Acrich MJT 2525 series LEDs and Acrich3 mains-voltage driver chip – Acrich is the firms brand for higher-voltage products that allow direct-off-mains operation with only a few devices, and without…

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Nichia argues for novel mid-power led encapsulation

Nichia has published a white paper discussing encapsulation materials for reliable mid-power leds.

It is quite detailed, and includes Nichia’s critisism of polyphthalamide (PPA – its benzine rings photo-degrade).

The firm’s replacement is decribed as ‘thermoset composite and inorganic materials’, in some sort of matrix, it appears…

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Cavers and miners will be happy

Cavers and miners will be happy, as Ledil has made a collimator especially for them.

Called Crystal, beams down to +/-1.5° are possible.

There are two products: Crystal-RS and Crystal-Mine.

“According to mining head lamp specifications Crystal-Mine has 10% added illumination over the cut-off area…

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Lens gies narrow beam and colour mixing

Geri-RZ is a 45mm TIR lensfrom Ledil, intended to produce a narrow beam from RGB leds, with good colour mixing.

Its mixing is based on the proprietary ‘RZ’ surface.

“Very good color uniformity can be achieved with this micro-lens structure without an additional mixing chamber,” said the firm…

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Ledil and Ideal go for Cree CXA35

Cree CXA35 arrays can now be mated to Ledil Angela and Angelina reflectors, thanks to a clip-in Chip-Lok connector/holder from Ideal.

“Ideal can offer a complete system that connects the reflector to the Cree array to deliver the most efficient electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical qualities,” said…

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Two blue peaks for whiter white

Just when you thought there were sufficient shades of white in the world, along comes another one.
CrispWhite Technology “brings a completely new look to retail settings, with its unique ability to highlight bright whites while while colours appear saturated, revealing the richest colours found in clothing, paints and other…

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Design your own collimator

Zemax has put a series of videos up on its website showing how its OpticStudio can be used to design a collimator for a particular LED…

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Cree bulb has low-med-high at the flick of a switch

Cree has introduced a three-intensity, selected by flicking the wall switch, LED replacement for incandescent bulbs.

Called ’3-Way Cree’, the firm says it has “three light levels distinctly visible to the naked eye”.

That said, the values are 3, 8 or 18W (320, 820 or 1,620 lm…

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