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Thin light guide for general lighting

Ohio-based Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) intends to compete with OLED lighting using thin light guides – 2mm over much of the area and 3.5 at the edges of the 100x100mm version it is exhibiting at Lightfair. For slightly more information, see the GLT on the Electronics Weekly news website…

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Cree boosts LMH2 to 125 lm/W

 Cree has introduced LMH2+, a higher efficacy version of its LMH2 light engine.

Because the modules include both white (blue die amber phosphor) and red leds, 125 lm/W and 90 CRI are available together.

“The LMH2+ is a drop-in upgrade for LMH2-based designs,” said Cree – which is…

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Graphene LEDs

The University of Manchester has made LEDs using a quantum well heterostructure made from 2d materials including graphene, boron nitride, and molybdenum disulphide.

Efficiency isn’t far behind OLEDs.

For more, scroll to the bottom of this graphene led story on the main Electronics Weekly website…

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For very fat leds, a 20A (40A peak) driver chip – and it’s agile

  Linear Tech’s LT3744 synchronous buck converter is designed to deliver 20A constantly from 12V, or 40A pulsed – this is 80 or 160W according to the company, so it is assuming 4V Vf.

As it is intended for use in projectors, the design allows quick transitions between output current levels…

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Philips gets excited about Lumileds merger

Philips is really keen that everyone should know that it is combining its automotive and led (Lumileds) businesses, and it looks like it is happening on the 1st of April.

This should be interesting because, after a great start, Lumileds appeared to take its eye of LED headlights, leaving Osram…

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EU 3d led project gets institutionalised

Out of the European Union GECCO project to grow bristle-like light emitting nanowires, to form ’3d nano-leds’, has come an organisation to continue the work.

Called Epitaxy Competence Centre (ec2), it is a joint venture between Osram Opto Semiconductors and the Institute of Semiconductor Technology (floors 8-10…

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April showers.. … accompany LED workshops

In April, Microchip, Osram Opto, and Osram ‘LED Light for You’ partners have teamed up to hold workshops on leds ad led drivers.

The dates are:
14th April Manchester
16th April Reading

“These LED workshops offer developers and manufacturers the chance to brush up on the latest trends and innovations…

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Bridgelux waves good-by to CRI

For its Vero Decor range of lighting CoB leds, Bridgelux has ditched the traditional CRI measure of white quality and gone for ‘gamut area index’ (GAI), claiming the Décor Class A products are the first commercially available LED arrays on the market to meet the full Class A Colour…

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Lumileds’ automotive front-lighting LED

Lumileds has revealed more details of its Luxeon F automotive forward lighting led.

Announced more than a year ago, it is a small (1.9×2.3mm) lens-less surface-mount single-die ceramic-tile device. Now an application brief, product brief and data sheet have appeared.

“Luxeon F is hot…

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