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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

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Blood and pulse monitor chip has 3 LEDs plus photodiode

For fitness devices, Osram has combined three different colour LEDs and a photodiode in a single 4.7×2.5×0.9mm package for reflective blood oxygen and pulse sensing.

Leds in the SFH 7050 are 530nm (green), 660nm (red) and 940nm (infra-red), the photodiode active surface is 1.3×1.3mm…

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Single LED headlamp low-beam

Osram has made a single die car headlight dip-beam, in the lab.

It relied on a super-intensity die – see more on the Electronics Weekly news website.

Speculating a bit, I am guessing the die is 1mm or less front to back, and 1mm or more side to side…

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Art studio lighting conundrum

I have a friend who teaches Chinese brush painting.

She is rather good, and she is having the garage converted into a studio for teaching.

And she wants LED lighting.

However, all the easily available light bulbs are not exactly brilliant for colour rendering.

The led makers make suitable emitters…

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IBM builds blue LEDs on graphene

IBM has shown graphene can be used as a non-stick layer between silicon carbide wafers and epitaxial GaN – allowing the expensive SiC wafer to be used multiple times.

The graphene layer (which it self is epitaxially grown) stays with the SiC – like teflon on frying pan – so the wafer…

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Lumileds adds mid-power arrays and strips

Lumileds has added rigid large-area (55x280mm) arrays and flexible lighting strips to its portfolio – based around 3535 mid-power LEDs.

There is more information on the main Electronics Weekly website…

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Cree’s surface-mount CoB alternative

MH-B is a 4.4W (37V 120mA) 5x5mm lighting LED from Cree.

The idea is that it can replace a whole bunch of single die medium power LEDs, and still be assembled by pick-and-place.

Output is around 500 lm (80CRI, 3,000K), and colour temperatures from 2…

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Just because you can do it, it doesn’t make up-lighting right

I can understand why airplanes have tiny LED up-lighters to indicate escape routes, and I can understand up-lighters being used for wall washing, and for under-lighting architectural features and foliage.

What I can’t understand is why anyone puts bright collimated LED sources facing up in normal…

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Just when you thought there was nothing new in optics

Ledil has shortened a collimator for CoBs by some cunning Fresnel-like compression.

Called Winnie and for CoBs up to 21mm source diameter, it is only 19mm thick for beams from +/-8° to +/-14°, depending on source size.

Even with the unusual light intake, not much has been lost in…

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IR LED emits up to 4.5W at 850nm or 940nm

Up to 4.5W at 850 or 940nm is available for security lighing now LED Engin has put four dual-junction die in its 7x7mm LZ4 package.

It has also released a single die LZ1 (4.4×4.4mm) version, and a single-junction four die version.

For more information, take…

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Verbatim bulb scores ‘best buy’ at Which?

Verbatim, once a floppy disc company, is now an LED bulb maker. And it has won a ‘best buy’ rating at consumer organisation Which?

Which? is impressive because its reviewers don’t just guess, it has its own test labs. It awards percentages to each item on test based on…

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