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Bridgelux waves good-by to CRI

For its Vero Decor range of lighting CoB leds, Bridgelux has ditched the traditional CRI measure of white quality and gone for ‘gamut area index’ (GAI), claiming the Décor Class A products are the first commercially available LED arrays on the market to meet the full Class A Colour…

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Lumileds’ automotive front-lighting LED

Lumileds has revealed more details of its Luxeon F automotive forward lighting led.

Announced more than a year ago, it is a small (1.9×2.3mm) lens-less surface-mount single-die ceramic-tile device. Now an application brief, product brief and data sheet have appeared.

“Luxeon F is hot…

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Cree LR22

Cree’s LR22 troffer is a fully luminous, diffused fixture aimed at offices, healthcare facilities and schools in Europe (220-240V).

It is 595 x 595mm, comes in 3,000 and 4,000K white, and eficacy is up to 95 lm/W.

Control is DALI or 1-10V with two…

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Osram celebrates International Year of Light

  To celebrate the International Year of Light, Osram illuminated the facade of the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

The installation is called “Light is more than illumination…

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An LED for torches

Cree’s XQ-E Torch is optimised for portable-lighting applications

It is rated at a higher maximum current than the XQ-E and XP-C LEDs, and has simplified colour binning – it is only available in cool white.

Lumen output is 20% the XP-C LED in a package…

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Osram LEDs approach theoretical Vf limit

According to Osram Opto, its blue die are approaching the theoretical limit for forward voltage.

Having shaved 20mV off from production leds last summer “In the laboratory we have already succeeded in further reducing the forward voltage by as much as 30mV”, said Osram scientist Dr Joachim Hertkorn. “Any further…

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High CRI GU10 found in UK High Street

It transpires that Scandi household* store Clas Ohlson has >90CRI led GU10 bulbs amongst its standard 80CRI offerings.

This is the one I saw (right).

The detailed spec on the website says 90CRI and 300 lm, but I think the box says 92 or even 95CRI and 345 lm…

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Cree ups power in mid-power competitor

Having invented its lens-less 5x5mm MHB-A as a competitor to mid-power leds when a bit more of a beam is required, it has now extended the idea to a 7x7mm format.

MHD-E and MHD-G deliver 1,800 lm at 14W and 2,500 lm at…

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Surface-mount mains push-in connector

German firm Wago has in interesting surface-mount ‘push-in’ connector for lighting.

It does both mains-to-board and baord-to-board.

There is a bit more on the Electronics Weekly news website, and there is a link there to a data sheet for the range…

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Deep UV AlGaN leds

Just in case you need a deep UV led, Nikkiso of Japan is gearing up for mass production of AlGaN leds for wavelengths spanning 255-350nm.

The firm used the services of, now, Nobel prize winning professors Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano, and Meijo University.

“AlGaN is much more difficult…

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