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Osram colour leds

Osram Duris S 5 Color app

Duris S 5 Color leds from Osram are aimed at consumer colour-mixing. There are four: red, amber, green and deep blue with a 3.0 x 3.0mm footprint and epoxy-based package. – for brightnesses, see below. All based on similar die (each has 2 die inside, probably stacked), with phosphors generating red, amber and green. Electrically, they are all the same ...

An LED for insomniacs

Cree XP-E

An interesting LED from Cree slipped below my radar earlier this year. It is a ‘far red’ version of its XP-E emitter – with peak emission around 730nm – very deep red. A few years ago Electronics Weekly had an interesting conversation with Dr John O’Hagan of the UK Health Protection Agency. We contacted him about LED eye safety – ...