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Lumileds reveals 200 lm/W lime green LED, and takes lid off Philips Hue

Lumileds has announced a lime green LED, revealing that it a key component in the ‘Hue’ range of colour tuneable LED replacement light bulbs from Philips (which owns Lumileds. Efficacy is the highest yet from Lumileds – over 200 lm/W at the top end of the highest bin – attributed by…

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LED reddens as it dims for soft lighting

LED Engin is to reveal details of an LED that dims like a halogen bulb, reddening as its output drops, at Light+Building in Frankfurt (15 – 20 April), writes Steve Bush. Dubbed Luxitune, its dimming characteristic is intended to match established expectations in architectural lighting. “This is particularly useful in…

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OLEDs with color temp spectrum of sunlight - Update

We briefly flagged, very recently, research carried out at the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, into organic LEDs with a full range of colour temperatures. They were capable of copying the full spectrum of sunlight throughout the day (2500 K – 8000 K) – Taiwan researchers create OLEDs with color temp…

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