LED Luminaries

LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Latest Tech News About LED Colours

Lumileds reveals 200 lm/W lime green LED, and takes lid off Philips Hue

Lumileds has announced a lime green LED, revealing that it a key component in the ‘Hue’ range of colour tuneable LED replacement light bulbs from Philips (which owns Lumileds. Efficacy is the highest yet from Lumileds – over 200 lm/W at the top end of the highest bin – attributed by…

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UV LED hits 800mW flux from small package

Californian high-flux specialist LED Engin has produced a 800mW output 365nm (ultra-violet) device in a 4.4×4.4mm package. Input power is 2.9W (700mA 4.1V). Thermal resistance is 4.2°C/W, and the package is also available pre-mounted on a metal-cored star PCB…

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Brighter colour LEDs from Cree

Cree XP-E2 colour LEDs, aimed at architectural, vehicle and display lighting, are now available. Using the 3.45×3.45mm XP footprint, they are “optically compatible with the original XP-E LED”, said Cree. The firm is claiming “up to 1,409mW for royal blue, 109 lm for blue, 253…

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LED reddens as it dims for soft lighting

LED Engin is to reveal details of an LED that dims like a halogen bulb, reddening as its output drops, at Light+Building in Frankfurt (15 – 20 April), writes Steve Bush. Dubbed Luxitune, its dimming characteristic is intended to match established expectations in architectural lighting. “This is particularly useful in…

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50W LED offers near-perfect colour rendering

Bridgelux has released an LED family with a colour rendering index of 97, writes Steve Bush. Branded Decor, the multi-die devices deliver 1,200 to 2,500 lumens and “these arrays have been spectrally engineered to closely replicate the light quality of halogen and incandescent light sources”, said the…

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Video: Huey, the colour matching LED Chameleon

Just so ever slightly creepy, maybe – but a bit of fun to highlight on a Friday. Yes, it’s an LED Chameleon. Or Chameleon LED… Check out “Huey the Colour Copying Chameleon Lamp”, it’ll set you back $29.99 from ThinkGeek.com. “How does Huey do it? Well, he…

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The history of the LED

Here’s one not to miss. In conjunction with our 50th anniversary issue, Technology Editor Steve Bush has produced a history of the LED. He begins: Back in 1960 Electronics Weekly was born into a ferment of III-V semiconductor research that within two years would produce the first practical…

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1W of infra red light from an LED

Osram has stacked two die to produce almost 1W of infra red light from an LED, writes our technology editor, Steve Bush. “With its 1mm2 thin-film chip stack, at a driving current of 1A it generates almost twice the output of the standard chips that have been used up…

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