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Video: Huey, the colour matching LED Chameleon

chameleon LED.jpgJust so ever slightly creepy, maybe – but a bit of fun to highlight on a Friday. Yes, it’s an LED Chameleon. Or Chameleon LED…

Check out “Huey the Colour Copying Chameleon Lamp“, it’ll set you back $29.99 from ThinkGeek.com.

“How does Huey do it? Well, he lights the surface underneath him with two hidden white LEDs then uses a sophisticated optical sensor to determine the correct colour. He then matches this colour by adjusting the shade of numerous multi-color LED’s imbedded in his body. Huey is truly a toy of the future. Five years ago the colour sensing technology he uses was too expensive for consumer products and was featured mainly in scientific measuring devices. Now you can leverage this cool tech for your own frivolous pleasure and ThinkGeek is proud to assist you in your noble quest.”

Huey? As in hues of colour… He can be powered by an AC adapter (with long cord) or 3 AAA batteries.See him in action:

[via CraziestGadgets.com]

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