LED Luminaries

LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.


Gaggione brochure

Gaggione has released an over-view of its range.

Called Shaping Your Light, it includes the firm’s 67mm collimators, which must be about the biggest cast collimators out there, short of LED Engin’s 80mm LLNS which have the centres hollowed out to reduce stresses in the plastic.


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Element14 launches Osram drivers and light engines

Element14 is to sell Osram’s PrevaLED range of light engines and Optotronic drivers – essentially, Osram’s kit of parts for luminaire makers.

The light engines are launched with and without integrated drivers and come in a variety of luminous flux and four shades of white from warm white to…

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Luxeon Lime on interesting substrate

A couple of Luxeon Limes – the most efficacious production LEDs yet – have arrived in the Electronics Weekly office for our Engineer in Wonderland to play with.

They are on interesting substrates…

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Marvell aims for Zigbee smart bullbs

Marvell’s 88EM8189 ac-dc LED lighting driver chip is not only phase-cut dimmable, but has an I2C interface to allow digital control – particularly from its 88MZ100 Zigbee tranceiver.

It can be used in either non-isolated buck-boost or isolated fly-back designs – primary-side sensing allows isolated…

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L+B min-power bonanza: 1,000 lm/$ claimed for 3020

You can’t move for mid-power lighting LED announcements from Philips Lumileds this month (It’s marketing department, to be fair, did email us in February and call this ‘mid-power March’).

This one is the Luxeon 3020.

“Luxeon 3020 is the most affordable of all our mid-power…

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L+B: Lumileds aims 30mA LED at fridge lighting

Luxeon 3014 is a 30mA QFN LED that can deliver 10-12 lm in neutral white, and can be driven up to 100mA for 33 lm.

Maker Lumileds is competing with other 3014 manufactures for business in linear and omnidirectional lighting applications such as under cabinet lighting, refrigerator display lighting…

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L+B mid-power bonanza: Hot 1/9 binning for 3030

Lumileds is aiming to hit ANSI specifications under real-life conditions with hot binning for its Luxeon 3030 2D lighting LEDs.

“Without hot colour targeting, if a user purchases an LED that was performing on a bin edge at room temperature, it would likely shift out of the specification at…

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L+B mid-power bonanza: Lumileds ups 3535 light by 10%

Claiming the most lumen from 6V 3535 lighting LED, Lumileds has increased flux and efficacy by over 10% for high CRI 2700K parts.

Called Luxeon 3535 2D, “typical flux levels have increased from 55 lm to 61 lm”, said the firm. “Simultaneously, typical voltage has been lowered resulting in an…

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