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Lumileds hits 10,000 lm with CoB arrays, at 100 lm/W

Luxeon 1203 1202 1211Aiming at replacing 70-100W ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM) lamps, Lumileds has introduced ‘Luxeon CoB 1211′ arrays – with a 19mm diameter light source on a 28x28mm tile.

Efficacy is 93-130 lm/W, depending on colour temperature and CRI of the luminaire.

The 10,000 lm and 100 lm/W figure comes a 70CRI device over-driven at 2.5A – maximum current.

The maximum typical output is 5,600 lm from the 4,000K, 5,000K and 5,700K (85°C, 70CRI) versions at 1.2A (35.5V) where efficacy is 130 lm/W.

This drops to 3,875 lm and 90 lm/W for the 2,700K – which offers a remarkable 97 CRI typical (90min).

Thermal resistance is 0.19°C/W junction to case.

1211 is the last four digits of the part number – LHC1-xxxx-1211

CoBs can be screwed down and soldered to – making them luminaire-maker-friendly, and there are a variety of connector assemblies that both hold then down and connect to CoBs without solder – even more friendly.

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