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L+B: Lumileds aims 30mA LED at fridge lighting

Luxeon 3014Luxeon 3014 is a 30mA QFN LED that can deliver 10-12 lm in neutral white, and can be driven up to 100mA for 33 lm.

Maker Lumileds is competing with other 3014 manufactures for business in linear and omnidirectional lighting applications such as under cabinet lighting, refrigerator display lighting, troffers, fluorescent tube replacement (TLED) and retrofit bulbs.

The QFN package is 3.0×1.4×0.7mm.

Like the 3030 2D announced at the same time, the 3014 is hot binned, and 1/9th binned for tighter colour control. “Designers can easily pair different bins to hit a 3/4/5 SDCM colour point,” said product manager Michael Howley.

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