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LED anti-collision lights for HERTI pilot-less aircraft

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When you are talking about pilot-less aircraft, their visibility must be an important issue. Well, news we’ve reported today is that Oxley has developed low profile LED anti-collision lights for BAE Systems’ HERTI pilot-less aircraft.

Our technology editor Steve Bush reports that the Rotox 400 produces an effective intensity of greater than 400cd and its light output meets both JAR-23 and JAR-25 regulations.

“With a protruding height of less than 50mm and weighing less than 750g, the lights are designed to fit inside relatively small space envelopes and also boast low power consumption,” said the firm. “The benefits of LED technology including high MTBF and low through-life maintenance costs.”

Read the full report – Oxley develops LED anti-collision lights for HERTI pilot-less aircraft

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