LED lighting circuit design idea

One for designers seeking ciruit inspiration, maybe. We have uploadeed an LED-related Circuit Design idea to the site – Create LED-lighting patterns without a controller

This Design Idea describes a simple LED-lighting-effects circuit comprising only five chips and costing only a few dollars. The goal is to create hundreds of patterns with a few timers and logic gates.

The circuit design was created by Jeff Tregre of www.BuildingUltimateModels.com

He begins:

When you first observe the circuit in action, you will think that it uses a PIC (peripheral-interface-controller) chip requiring you to program hundreds of lines of code to generate the lighting effects. Click here to view the lighting effects in a video.

The circuit comprises seven functional blocks (Figure 1). IC1 is an LM556, which has two 555 timers in one package. The first timer produces the main clock frequency of approximately 0.105 Hz. It toggles high to low approximately every 10 seconds.

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