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Scottish firms develop ‘mystery’ LED backlight technology

Two Scottish companies claim to have made a breakthrough in the development of very thin LED backlights for large area displays.

Details of the ‘breakthrough’ seem to be secret until next week in Texas.

Livingston-based Design LED Products has been working on the technology with ITI Techmedia as part of a two-year $5m research project.

Details of the technology will be presented at the Society for Information Display (SID) event taking place in Texas next week.

A clue as to the nature of the ‘new’ technology could be Design LED’s specialisation in technology to embed LEDs within printed light guides.

The companies are confident enough of what they have achieved to plan a joint venture in Scotland to market the technology. 

The plan is introduce first product to the market in 2010.

So what have they done?

“It offers a thin, power-efficient backlight unit which can be manufactured at a cost point that is attractive to the market,” said Stuart Bain, chief executive of Design LED.

Yes, but has there been any interest in the technology?

According to Terry Hurley, managing director of Glasgow-based ITI Techmedia: “Interest has already been expressed by prospective customers and we are looking forward to significant market engagement over the coming months”.

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