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Video: Building billboard features millions of LEDs

A big building, and a big display. Think of it as a “building-vertisement”, consisting of millions of LEDs.

This “Media Facade” can be found on Bayer’s former HQ in Leverkusen, reports Engadget.

“Built by ag4 media facade GmbH and GKD AG, the massive display apparently consists of 5.6 million LEDs that cover the entire 17,500 square meters of the building, and which can be lit up at will to pump out gigantic advertisements worthy of any science fiction movie.”

Apparently, its status as a building billboard saved it from being demolished.

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  1. October 30, 2009 14:18

    Very good point about the power, Alan. On the music, though, I assumed that was dubbed on he video! Otherwise they would be getting into Jean-Michel Jarre territory! Imagine that on constant repeat.

  2. Alan
    October 30, 2009 14:10

    So how much power does this use (in this new age of limiting power usage to prevent global melt-down)?
    Also the music upset the people in my office; imagine how it must be for everyone to hear that 1/2km from the building…

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