XMOS powers LED cube art

Time for some culture. Check out this “Swarm Light” art installation, based on the dynamic display of LED cubes, courtsesy of some XMOS processors.

The light sculpture, by rAndom International, is being displayed at Design Miami/Art Basel. Each of the three cubes consists of 1000 LED modules, each containing three LEDs, organized in a 3D grid measuring 81 x 81 x 81cm.

You can read more about the installation on Frederik Petrini’s blog.

According to Frederik, six XMOS XC-2 Ethernet boards serve as a bridge between the Ethernet network and the LED modules. The XC-2 board uses an XMOS XS1-G4  processor with four cores, and each is capable of running 8 hardware threads.

About the LED modules, he writes:

The LED modules receives the serial signal and outputs a pulse width modulated signal to control the LEDs. Each LED module has a voltage regulator, a microcontroller (MSP430) and three white high-intensity LEDs. There are 3000 LED modules in the installation and a total of 9000 LEDs.

The bit rate used by the LED modules is 19200 bps which limits the update frequency to about 130 Hz although the XC-2 nodes are capable of a much higher rate.

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