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LED driver integrates PFC and isolated step-down AC-DC power conversion

ON Semiconductor has an LED driver that integrates power factor correction (PFC) and isolated step-down AC-DC power conversion in a single stage, writes Richard Wilson.

Intended for LED-based street lighting and architectural lighting applications of between 40W and 150W, the NCL30001 is designed to operate in continuous conduction mode (CCM) and can be configured as either a constant current or fixed output voltage driver.

There is an adjustable operating frequency of 20 kHz to 250 kHz and a multi-function latch-off pin able to implement an overtemperature shutdown circuit.

Another feature is a high voltage start-up circuit, voltage feed forward which is designed to improve loop response.

The chip has a brownout detector, internal overload timer, latch input and a high accuracy multiplier to reduce input line harmonics.
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An isolated single stage power factor corrected LED Driver evaluation board is available for this device that is intended for applications ranging from 40 W – 100 W that require a direct constant current output.

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