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LED driver maintains constant currents of between 1.5mA and 90mA

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced an LED driver, the TC62D722, that can maintain constant currents of between 1.5mA and 90mA.

The 16-channel driver has a built-in PWM grey scale capability.

This means, writes Richard Wilson, that 256-step output brightness control can be achieved with the addition of just a single resistor.

The on-board PWM capability offers 16-, 14-, 12- and 10-bit operation to deliver up to 65536-step grey scale control per channel.

Operating from a supply voltage of between 3.0V and 5.5V, the TC62D722 is rated for output voltages up to 17V.
Channel-to-channel current accuracy is specified as ±1.5%, as is IC-to-IC accuracy. As a result the brightness of large displays built around multiple LED chains and drivers can be maintained within tight tolerances.

The TC62D722 features CMOS-compatible I/O interfaces and is available in 24-pin SSOP, HTSSOP24 and QSOP packages.

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