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Linear’s LT3596 drives up to 30 LEDs in a display

Linear Technology has a 60V, 1MHz step-down DC/DC converter which is designed to drive up to 30 LEDs in a display, writes Richard Wilson.

From a 48V input, the LT3596 can drive up to three strings of LEDs, each with up to ten 100mA LEDs in series, delivering efficiencies of over 90%.

The converter uses a single 800mA, 60V internal switch to provide a step-down constant current source. The internal buck converter uses an adaptive feedback loop to regulate the output voltage slightly higher than the required LED voltage to maintain efficiency.
The input voltage range of 6V to 60V is tuned for automotive and industrial applications.

There is also current matching for uniform display brightness and PWM dimming offers dimming ratios as high as 10,000:1.

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