ON Semi single channel LED driver for low power apps

LED LightDon’t miss the exhaustive look by our Technology Editor, Steve Bush, at the latest LED products hitting the market from Cree, Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, Osram, Nichia, and Sharp.

He begins:

All the major LED suppliers have released additional lighting-class LEDs over the past few months, particularly at the high-power end for light bulb and downlighter replacement.

ON Semiconductor is introducing a single channel LED driver tuned for low power applications such as portable handheld medical equipment, writes Steve Bush.

The CAT3661, which uses a patented architecture and integrates fault protection and fault diagnostics, is able to drive a single LED backlight with a current of up to 5mA. Soft-start current limiting and short-circuit protection make the new device ideal for use in equipment powered by coin cell batteries.

Cree’s latest is the XM-L, sampling in 2,600K to 5,000K colour temperatures, with neutral whites predicted to be capable of 850 lm, and 84 lm/W, at 3.0A.

Incandescent bulbs are 10-15 lm/W, emitting at least as much as a 60W light bulb.

At 350mA, 3,000K (warm white) XM-Ls will deliver up to 113 lm and 117 lm/W, and 4,000K (neutral) up to 134 lm and 138 lm/W.

Double the current and 3,000K LEDs will hit 220 lm and 108 lm/W, and 4,000K will deliver up to 260 lm and 128 lm/W.

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Typical applications include low power backlighting for LCDs and backlighting for a wide range of portable handheld devices including medical equipment.

Packaged in a 16-lead TQFN package measuring 3x3x0.8mmh, the chip’s quad-mode charge pump supports a range of input voltages from 2.0 V to 5.5 V and also helps achieve peak efficiency levels of up to 92%.

A typical quiescent current of just 150 µA across all operating modes at full load and a zero current shutdown help reduce power consumption.

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