Take a look at Silan for LED drivers


Silan SD6900 LED non-isolated high PFC driver

Chinese chip firm Silan makes several series of mains and low-voltage LED drivers.

SD650x high-voltage linear
SD660x mains isolated
SD670x mains non-isolated
SD690x mains non-isolated with PFC
SD680x mains isolated with PFC

These include:

SD6904S with integrated 90V-265V 4N60 mosfet and “the only small SOP package product for LED 18W application, solving the problem that products with small SOP package can’t be used for standard 18W LED fluorescent lamp,” claimed the firm.

15jan13blogSilanLDO 543

SD42351 series of fixed output current LDOs

This uses something the firm calls ‘float mode control technology’. Sadly, it does not publish data sheets on its website, so finding out what this is is a little tricky.

SD6807D is similar to the product above, with integrated 90-265V mosfet, but is of isolated 18W use. Cliamed output regulation is +/-1.5%.

Another product is the SD42351 series of fixed output current LDOs for low-voltage LED driving.

Outputs from 110 to 335mA are available from the SOT-89 package.

Again, it would be nice to see a data sheet to see what minimum drop-out is.

Has anyone had experience with Silan products?

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