LED Luminaries

LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Latest Tech News About LED Energy Solutions

ON Semi drives LEDs with constant current

Migration from incandescent lighting to solid state alternatives is continuing, but if LED adoption is to reach applications such as replacement lamps in the domestic environment or automotive interiors, new driver and control techniques are needed, argues Steve Sheard of ON Semiconductor in an analysis piece on Electronics Weekly.  He…

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Energy efficiency and LED lighting are key - ON Semiconductor

Electronics Weekly has interviewed David Somo, v-p of corporate marketing at ON Semiconductor, and he tells us that energy efficient products and LED lighting are two of the most important market opportunities for chip suppliers at present. What is the biggest opportunity in terms of technology and/or markets…

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Electronics Weekly's guide to LED heatsinking

Check out the latest in the Electronics Weekly’s ‘big guides’ to LED technology – specifically, to LED heatsinking. Steve Bush, our Technology Editor, begins: In the early days of power LEDs, many lighting firms rushed out solid-state luminaries only to find them failing in service.The problem was heatsinking…

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LEDs and Lighting Africa

An interesting post on LEDs from an unusual source – Mannerisms. Our components editor David Manners has written about an LED-based programme to develop commercial off-grid lighting markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. He writes: In the 19th century, Africa was dubbed  ‘The Dark Continent’ and night-time satellite pictures…

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The history of the LED

Here’s one not to miss. In conjunction with our 50th anniversary issue, Technology Editor Steve Bush has produced a history of the LED. He begins: Back in 1960 Electronics Weekly was born into a ferment of III-V semiconductor research that within two years would produce the first practical…

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LED backlighting, and its role in saving the planet

Check out this interesting article written by guest columnist Rafael Camarota, product line manager at Altera. He explains how designers can reduce power consumption in backlit LED and LCD displays. He begins: 12:00…12:00…12:00 – Everyone has seen a VCR blinking 12:00 24 hours a day…

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The missing (wireless) link for LED lighting

Guest columnist Stephen Page, v-p engineering at Cyan believes it is time to consider the benefits of adding wireless control to LED lighting fixtures. He begins: Rising energy costs and government funded green initiatives are driving operators of public lighting systems to look to new technologies.The move to…

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Sound thermal design principles to extend LED lifetimes

“LEDs with a power dissipation of 35W or more are now available. Such lights are so bright that they are uncomfortable, if not dangerous, to look into directly, but with increasing power, there is increased thermal load and more heat to dissipate. Adherence  to the sound thermal design principles described…

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