LED backlighting, and its role in saving the planet

getAsset.aspx?ItemID=54038Check out this interesting article written by guest columnist Rafael Camarota, product line manager at Altera. He explains how designers can reduce power consumption in backlit LED and LCD displays. He begins:

12:00…12:00…12:00 – Everyone has seen a VCR blinking 12:00 24 hours a day. There are very few VCRs anymore, but millions of DVDs, DVRs, and STBs that have replaced them. Every one of these consumer components has an LED display or an LCD display with an LED backlight. Some still blinking 12:00.

The basic ergonomic design of a display requires that it is visible in the brightest ambient room lighting. This usually requires running LED segments at 25mA or an LCD backlight at 100mA. With the typical segment driven from a 3.3V supply through load limiting resistor it dissipates at least 80mW.

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