LED Luminaries

Three Worlds Collide

What do you get if you put traditional lighting suppliers, LED suppliers and the NHS in a room? – This may sound like a joke but it’s not. Rotherham NHS is looking to the future and trying to find ways to reduce the lighting related energy bill.

It’s estimated that around 37% of energy used in hosiptals is consumed by artifical lighting. Rotherham NHS are taking part in a market sounding excercise to identify technologies which can help make hospital lighting more efficient.

An event held last week to discuss the progress so far attracted over 90 delegates from all corners of the lighting industry – Novel ideas included using more daylight, switching lights off when not needed and naturally the future potential of LEDs. – You can join in and follow progress at Rotherham NHS.

Will LEDs be able to help with sick building syndrome? – very difficult in a hospital.

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