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Exterior lighting

Sharp luminaires exceed 100 lm/W

Sharp Kato L

Sharp has added to luminaires in its Kato product family – Kato L (high bay 104 lm/W ~20,000 lm) and Kato S (low bay 110 lm/W ~10,000 lm). “We have improved the efficiency of the low bay luminaire with this second generation product”, said Jennifer Campbell, general manager, Sharp LED Lighting Europe. “The high bay also extends our product portfolio ...

Wall washer shines in two directions

22jan14LedilBlondie 402

Ledil has come up with an interesting reflector for wall washing. Called Blondie, it puts light in two opposing directions on the wall at the same time – take a look at the photo. “Blade type wall grazing luminaires have become relatively common in outdoor architectural lighting. These are good choices for emphasizing details and adding structure for the buildings,” ...