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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Latest Tech News On Outdoor Lighting

Unique reflector for large arrays streetlights

For large area CoB arrays in streetlights, Ledil has developed the Bertha free-form reflector family with Bridgelux. There are three versions with IESNA Type II short, Type III medium and Type IV medium type beam patterns. The reflectors are made from special polymer and metallised using an SiO2 process…

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Sharp luminaires exceed 100 lm/W

Sharp has added to luminaires in its Kato product family – Kato L (high bay 104 lm/W ~20,000 lm) and Kato S (low bay 110 lm/W ~10,000 lm). “We have improved the efficiency of the low bay luminaire with this second generation product”, said Jennifer Campbell, general…

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L+B: Bridgelux makes sealed light engines for outdoor lighting

Bridgelux has developed a water-resistant light engine for luminaire makers that don’t want to have to think about weatherproofing. Designed for LED luminaires that replace high-pressure sodium lamps, and called OLM (outdoor lighting module), they come in a whole range of colour temperatures, beam patterns, and CRIs…

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Wall washer shines in two directions

Ledil has come up with an interesting reflector for wall washing. Called Blondie, it puts light in two opposing directions on the wall at the same time – take a look at the photo. “Blade type wall grazing luminaires have become relatively common in outdoor architectural lighting. These are good choices…

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Asymetric Ledil lights advertising hoardings

Billie is Ledil’s answer to lighting advertising hoardings (billboards). Designed to be mounted above and in front, it is “a rectangular wall-washing optic with excellent beam uniformity”, said the firm. “The asymmetrically tilted beam ensures uniform illumination on vertical surfaces. Billie is compatible with a variety of lighting…

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Lens also protects to IPx8

Veronica fom Ledil is a family of lenses that combine optical element, structural holder and a sealing surface suitable for applications requiring ratings up to IPx8. There are two lens types: real spot and oval, with more onthe way, said the firm. There are also two different sealing types: “The…

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Million lux torch

This stunning image is part of a photo over on CandlePowerforums. It shows what a single led scan do – in this case produce 1,050,000 lux at 1m. To make the demonstrator, mash.m used a Cree XP-G2 (with primary lens removed), running at 5.2A and working…

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Carclo gets into light engines with a streetlight

This LED street lighting module is the first product in a line of light engines to be launched by Carclo. It uses the firm’s S class free-form optic, combined with LEDs in a sealed and thermally optimised assembly. “The module has been developed and tested by the Carclo…

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