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General ramblings

History: 350mA and hex boards

Have you ever wondered why power LEDs are tested at 350mA, or where the de facto standard 20mm hex board came from? Jason Posselt, now vice-president of marketing at Bridgelux, was at Lumileds when the firm was pulling together a product specification for the first white lighting LED. “The 350mA decision was made by a few of us in a ...

Long time no Blog

Not sure where the time has been going the last few months but all we hear is the downturn in business and business closing down, well I have to say that from my side I see that the LED market did take a dip in the first 2 months this year but since then we have been going flat out. The orders and enquires are pouring in and times look to be really good going forward.

Stop or I’ll shoot …my LED gun!

When one of my friends told me that LEDs were now being used as a weapon to incapacitate suspects I was a little bit sceptical to say the least, or more truthfully I thought he should lay off the heavy stuff. However, I decided to do a quick Google search, more to shoot down his theory in flames than to ...