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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

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History: 350mA and hex boards

Have you ever wondered why power LEDs are tested at 350mA,

or where the de facto standard 20mm hex board came from?

Jason Posselt, now vice-president of marketing at Bridgelux, was at Lumileds when the firm was pulling together a product specification for the first white lighting LED.


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An introduction to LED optics

Ledil has a good four page introduction to LED optics on its website, written for an article in LED Professional Review.

Technically it is most informative, although the English is a little strange.

Understanding this will give you some defence against deceptive marketing and data sheets that bend the truth…

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Bridgelux joins Future's LED lighting business

Bridgelux has signed a global distribution agreement with Future Electronics, adding another LED supplier to the distributor’s lighting offerings.

The broadline distributor addresses the lighting market through a dedicated business unit, called Future Lighting Solutions.

For years Future Electronics’ lighting division, Future Lighting Solutions has been selling Philips Lumileds…

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Amsterdam Arena show uses 1.5km of LED

Amsterdam Arena was transformed into a sea of white for the premiere of Sensation’s new show Source of Light recently, when 40,000 people gathered under a huge spherical centrepiece, including bespoke LED strips from SGM, writes Paul Milligan of our sister site AVinteractive.com. SGM’s Dutch distributor…

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The glow of LED furniture

This one caught my eye – the promise of LED furniture. It was an email from the Chinese company Shenzhen Coolqing Technology. Check out these LED Chairs, or an LED Flowerpot (there are also ice buckes, cubes, and balls… What do you think? Leave a comment below…

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LED overheating poll

A bit of cross-fertilisation of blogs… The Made By Monkeys blog, which features the consequences of bad design, has a poll on LED overheating. It was sparked, as it were, by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recently warning of ‘LED Night Lights Recalled by Camsing Global Due to…

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The history of the LED

Here’s one not to miss. In conjunction with our 50th anniversary issue, Technology Editor Steve Bush has produced a history of the LED. He begins: Back in 1960 Electronics Weekly was born into a ferment of III-V semiconductor research that within two years would produce the first practical…

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