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LED Company name generator

I received a copy of the VIZ annual for christmas, on one page was a useful tool for TV executives to name reality shows – .i.e celebrity -electronics design – boot camp. With so many companies starting up in the LED space I have created my own version to help anyone searching for a start-up name.

Take one of these words

LUMI, ECO, GREEN, COLOUR, LUX, ENERGY, Illumination, Rainbow, Future

Combine with one of these


and add

SOLUTIONS, DEVICES – for a touch of class

you’re all set, the investors will flock in.

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out, a Welsh version will follow shortly.

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  1. Guru Sardessai
    February 28, 2009 08:29

    Nice piece. I have been researching LED lighting for about 4 years now. Back then most people called me a fool. Today everyone wants to get ahead and it looks like we are generating quite a few quacks as well.

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