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LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Latest Tech News About Headlights

Ford pick-up goes all-LED

Ford has gone to Osram and Flex-N-Gate for all LED front-lighting on its 2015 F-150 pick-up truck. There is a little more information on the Electronics Weekly main news site…

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Plastic heatsink in Hella LED spotlight

Automotive lighting firm Hella is using plastic heatsinks in a range of work-lights for agricultural use. “Thermally conductive plastics are used in place of aluminium heat sinks. A key advantage over aluminium is their corrosion resistance, and the products are also lighter,” said the firm, which is also using…

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Osram shoots for AFS with addressable headlamp LED

Osram Opto seems to be going LED headlamp crazy with a second device announcement. This one is aimed at ‘advanced forward lighting system’ (AFS) and is a variant of its high-end five die Ostar Headlamp Pro LED, the difference being that this one has individually addressable die. The package…

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Osram aims at headlamps with second die on Oslon Black Flat

Aiming at vehicle front-lighting, Osram Opto has introduced a two chip version of its Oslon Black Flat LED. With two die, it achieves over 500 lm at 1A from a 3.1×3.75mm package 0.5 mm high. “With the new Oslon Black Flat we’re bringing a significantly…

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LED headlamp springs from new Osram LED

With help from Osram Opto, Missouri-based Peterson has developed an all-LED replacement for standard 7in (175m, PAR56) headlights. It uses two five-die versions of Osram’s Ostar Headlamp Pro – an updated version of the earlier non-Pro Ostar Headlamp with better heat management and environmental sealing. It…

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Look where 3D printing can get you

Not sure if this bicycle light has been made or is just excellent rendering of a CAD design. Either way, the case it ready to be made in a 3D printer, and shows how straightforward making a prototype could be. More information on Thingiverse. Bet those heatsinks get warm after…

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Petzl solves dazzle for LED headtorches

The perennial problem with head torches is that you move through a dark environment without a problem, then look at a nearby object, like a map, and get dazzled. Or you walk down a path with shrubs on either side, and can’t see into the distance because the shrubs…

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Osram and Hella join LED headlamp A Team

The German government has pulled together a team of expert companies to develop led adaptive headlights. They are: Osram – automotive lighting LEDs, control gear. Fraunhofer IZM (Institute for Reliability and Microintegration) – interconnection and materials. Infineon – automotive electronics and LED drivers. Hella – optical system, headlamp structure, prototype build. Daimler – vehicle tests…

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