A cool wind blows on the LED Firewinder

firewider in action.jpgA bit of fun – check out the “Firewinder”, the LED Windlight. Courtesy of ThinkGeek, it is a wind-powered LED lighting effect where “breezes provide cool light effects”.

The product specifiaction, they write, is as follows:
    * 100% wind-powered outdoor light
    * Innovative eco-designed light visualizes the energy in the wind
    * The faster the wind, the brighter Firewinder glows
    * 14 ultra bright LED lights create a spiraling light effect
    * Helical wing captures wind from all directions
    * Clean & green power generator
    * Uses recyclable materials
    * Weather resistant design for max outdoor life
    * High performance fixtures for hanging on a post or wall
    * Simple and sturdy installation with a quick-release system

It will set you back $59.99 online dollars

Thanks to CraziestGadgets.com for flagging this one. Watch it in action:

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