LED-powered Ping-Pong Ball Clock

ping pong clock.jpgA light-hearted diversion for a Friday afternoon. Have a look at this LED-powered Ping-Pong Ball Clock.

Thanks to TechnaBob for flagging this one.

The clock looks a lot like the ones you might see on the outside of a bank, but uses ping-pong balls as the diffusers on top of a 15×7 matrix of LEDs. The LEDs are pressed into a piece of pegboard, and the display is run by an ATmega168 and a Maxim DS3232 real-time clock, connected in a circuit consisting mostly of transistors and wires. When turned off, the whole thing looks rather unassuming – like a bunch of ping-pong balls glued to a piece of wood. Oh yeah, that’s what it is.

For more fun with ping pong balls and LEDs, check out these two videos:

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