LED Luminaries

LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Latest Tech News on Interior LED Lighting

Ledil and Ideal go for Cree CXA35

Cree CXA35 arrays can now be mated to Ledil Angela and Angelina reflectors, thanks to a clip-in Chip-Lok connector/holder from Ideal. “Ideal can offer a complete system that connects the reflector to the Cree array to deliver the most efficient electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical qualities,” said…

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Two blue peaks for whiter white

Just when you thought there were sufficient shades of white in the world, along comes another one. CrispWhite Technology “brings a completely new look to retail settings, with its unique ability to highlight bright whites while while colours appear saturated, revealing the richest colours found in clothing, paints and other…

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Cree bulb has low-med-high at the flick of a switch

Cree has introduced a three-intensity, selected by flicking the wall switch, LED replacement for incandescent bulbs. Called ’3-Way Cree’, the firm says it has “three light levels distinctly visible to the naked eye”. That said, the values are 3, 8 or 18W (320, 820 or 1,620 lm…

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Optic lights shop aisles

Ledil has developed an optic especially for retail aisles with shelves on both sides. Called Florence ZT25, it pushes a blade of light towards each row of shelves. Size is 286x 61mm, 11mm high, and it needs to sit over 33 small surface-mount LEDs The data sheet specifies it…

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Luminus deliberately strays off the black body curve

“Recent studies have demonstrated that human beings have a preference for warm white colour temperatures slightly below the black body locus [BBL], which they perceive as a pure, crisp, whiter light, while the majority of warm white LED products are targeted to generate light precisely on the BBL,” said Luminus…

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High CRI spotlamp from Osram

A luminaire originally developed for the Lenbachhaus Museum in Munich and in the Sistine Chapel in Rome is now in production at Osram. Called Lunis 2 Track, it is aimed mainly at, you’ve guessed it, galleries and museums – as well as display of goods in retail. CRI is over…

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Clear LED lightbulbs

Philips has introduced an LED bulb that looks a lot like a clear incandescent light bulb. It is not the first company to do it, but it does have a nice clean look. The spec is: 2,700K, 470 lm (’40W’), 6W input (78 lm/W), and it looks like…

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Dialog ups its dimmable LED driver power to 45W

Dialog Semi’s iW3600 is a 45W ac-dc LED lighting controller chip claimed to dim from 1 to 100% with <5% pop-on current. Configurable temperature de-rating is included to prolong electrolytic capacitor life in poorly-ventilated applications. “Designed for retrofit bulbs including external, dimmable lighting ballast…

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