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Interior lighting

CSR adds HVAC control to home lighting network

CSR has extended CSRmesh Home Automation, its Bluetooth Smart solution for home lighting, adding control for things including heating and door locks. “The latest software release adds sensor and actuator models to build on the original protocol that was designed for lighting control,” said the firm. “The update will make it possible for developers to deliver a wider range of ...

Saffron circadian sleep bulb gets closer

Saffron Silk

With ever-more people realising that blue light late in the evening upsets sleep, Utah firm Saffron is developing a sleep-friendly replacement bulb called Silk. A neat thing about Saffron is that is has also developed the infrastructure needed to control when and how the light dims and changes its colour temperature. There are three (or four) parts to this system: ...

Bridgelux waves good-by to CRI

Bridgelux Decor ClassA

For its Vero Decor range of lighting CoB leds, Bridgelux has ditched the traditional CRI measure of white quality and gone for ‘gamut area index’ (GAI), claiming the Décor Class A products are the first commercially available LED arrays on the market to meet the full Class A Colour specification. “The launch of the Decor Series Class A arrays marks ...

Cree LR22

Cree LR22 troffer

Cree’s LR22 troffer is a fully luminous, diffused fixture aimed at offices, healthcare facilities and schools in Europe (220-240V). It is 595 x 595mm, comes in 3,000 and 4,000K white, and eficacy is up to 95 lm/W. Control is DALI or 1-10V with two-way communication. It has a 10 year warranty.

Ikea adds low-profile modules

Ikea omlopp led worktop lighting

Ikea has gone for linear strips of mid-power leds slid into aluminium channel for its latest kitchen under-cabinet lighting. Called Omlopp, it comes in 40, 60 and 80mm lengths. (186, 285, 400 lm; 5.3, 7.7, 10W; 35. 37, 40 lm/W). The construction allows a 10mm profile – plus a bit for air circulation. Unlike most of its led predecessors at ...

Art studio lighting conundrum

LED Engin Gallery White

I have a friend who teaches Chinese brush painting. She is rather good, and she is having the garage converted into a studio for teaching. And she wants LED lighting. However, all the easily available light bulbs are not exactly brilliant for colour rendering. The led makers make suitable emitters – I am thinking particularly of LED Engin’s Gallery White ...

Cree bulb has low-med-high at the flick of a switch

Cree 3 way bulb

Cree has introduced a three-intensity, selected by flicking the wall switch, LED replacement for incandescent bulbs. Called ‘3-Way Cree’, the firm says it has “three light levels distinctly visible to the naked eye”. That said, the values are 3, 8 or 18W (320, 820 or 1,620 lm – which it equates to 30, 60 and 100W). Form my experience, I ...

Clear LED lightbulbs

09apr14LEDclearBulb 600

Philips has introduced an LED bulb that looks a lot like a clear incandescent light bulb. It is not the first company to do it, but it does have a nice clean look. The spec is: 2,700K, 470 lm (’40W’), 6W input (78 lm/W), and it looks like the firm has used a light pipe with a crinkly edge to ...

Dialog ups its dimmable LED driver power to 45W


Dialog Semi’s iW3600 is a 45W ac-dc LED lighting controller chip claimed to dim from 1 to 100% with <5% pop-on current. Configurable temperature de-rating is included to prolong electrolytic capacitor life in poorly-ventilated applications. “Designed for retrofit bulbs including external, dimmable lighting ballast drivers and A19, PAR and T8 bulb replacements used in existing phase-cut dimmer installations, the iW3600 ...

Led Engin and Gaggione aim at the stars

27nov13LEDengin 463

Led Engin and Gaggione are pitching at zoom stage lighting with a combination of LZ4-Plus LEDs and 8-45° optics, aiming at wash lamps and follow spots. LZ4-Plus is a four die RGBW emitter, capped with flat glass, with separately-connected die that can be driven to 1.5A each. Gaggione has an interesting range of 45mm diameter zoom optics, each consisting of ...