LED Luminaries

LED news and insight from our technology editor Steve Bush, who has been messing with LED lighting for more years than he would care to remember.

Interior lighting

A luminaire originally developed for the Lenbachhaus Museum in Munich and in the Sistine Chapel in Rome is now in production at Osram.

Called Lunis 2 Track, it is aimed mainly at, you’ve guessed it, galleries and museums – as well as display of goods in retail.

CRI is over…

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Clear LED lightbulbs

Philips has introduced an LED bulb that looks a lot like a clear incandescent light bulb.

It is not the first company to do it, but it does have a nice clean look.

The spec is: 2,700K, 470 lm (’40W’), 6W input (78 lm/W), and it looks like…

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Dialog ups its dimmable LED driver power to 45W

Dialog Semi’s iW3600 is a 45W ac-dc LED lighting controller chip claimed to dim from 1 to 100% with <5% pop-on current.

Configurable temperature de-rating is included to prolong electrolytic capacitor life in poorly-ventilated applications.

“Designed for retrofit bulbs including external, dimmable lighting ballast…

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Single chip for LED bulbs that dim to lower CCT

Dialog Semi has introduced a single chip dual output power converter that can give incandescent-like LED dimming – where colour temperature (CCT) falls with intensity.

Called iW3640, it is a 25W 2-channel mains-powered LED driver that needs no external microcontroller, and is intended for 75-150W-equivalent A19…

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Cree gets into lighting controls

Is there no limit to Cree’s expansion into lighting?

Now that it has completed its vertical integration – making everything from lighting LED die to finished luminaires and LED lightbulbs – it has got a bit wider horizontally by adding its own range of wireless controls for office/school/commercial lighting…

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Led Engin and Gaggione aim at the stars

Led Engin and Gaggione are pitching at zoom stage lighting with a combination of LZ4-Plus LEDs and 8-45° optics, aiming at wash lamps and follow spots.

LZ4-Plus is a four die RGBW emitter, capped with flat glass, with separately-connected die that can be driven to 1…

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Try DALI with this development kit

Ismosys has introduced a development kit for LED lighting designers, engineers and installers to learn about and develop DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)-based lighting control systems.

Called LDD-314 and developed by Candeled, the  kit can be used to simulate how “LED light installations can be dynamically and flexibly…

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XQ-E: Cree puts E2 die in domed XQ package

Aiming to let customers pack a lot of light in a small space – to share a single optic for example – Cree has introduced a 1.6×1.6mm lighting LED called XQ-E.

It gets the 1mm E2 die from the XP-E2 LED, under a domed lens that squeezes output…

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