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An accent on LED sofa lighting

sofa LED lighting.jpgHmmm. Not convinced by this one. Couches with integrated colour LEDs underneath, providing “accented” lighting with your sitting…

Thanks to Craziest Gadgets for this one. According to the website:

“The Asami Light LED lighted sofa is made by Italian company Calico and the lights are controlled by remote. Oh yeah baby!”

For those interested, you can find a gallery of pics on the Calico site.

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  1. November 25, 2010 14:27

    Really? What is the point of this. All your going to do is light up the heels of your feet. Normally if I’m on a sofa it’s to watch TV, to read a book or have a nap so why would I care what colour under my sofa is? Seems like a novelty that will wear off quickly.

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